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Nowadays, a lot of stores are available online. Express is one of them. At Express online store, you can shop clothing apparel, and a return policy is available. The following article will show you how:

What Is Express Return Policy

Express Return Policy is a policy that allows the return of an order within 60 days of order if the customer is not satisfied.


Express does not accept the return of orders over 60 days. That is completely against the express return policy. To get your funds returned to your account, you must return the product with a receipt.

Products can only be exchanged once, but you may get your refund to Express, depending on the condition of the products.

Personal items such as perfumes, batteries can only be returned to the express store.

Express Returns Are of Two Types

  • Online Purchases
  • In-Store Purchases

Online Purchases

  1. Here, customers can return products such as clothing within the ninety days of buy.
  2. Returns and exchanges could online or in an Express store. There won’t be any shipping cost won’t be on a refund.
  3. Customers are advised to keep the labels of the clothes intact should they wish to return them.
  4. Prepaid tags are being given to customers at purchase. The prepaid may be connected with the major part of the bill.
  5. Anyone that chose to use the prepaid tag faces a 6.99 price deducted from the total refund that a customer is awarded.
  6. Express doesn’t free returns to worldwide orders. But provides refunds due to the type of first payment which has been manufactured.
  7. Customers who insert international returns should telephone 1-888-397-1980 when requesting a return.
  8. Individuals can send mails to to request a return being made.
  9. Customers that purchase Express accessories and clothing, such as gifts, can also make returns. Express can issue gift cards to customers who are returning their Express clothing and accessory gifts.

In-Store Purchases

  1. Express accepts returns and exchanges on items bought in the USA both online and in stores. Note that Canadian are not exempted.
  2. Those with valid reception enjoy returns and exchange and can do so within 90daysfrom order date, and refunds are created during the period and equal to the initial price.
  3. Refunds will be provided through the same procedure of payment used at the time of purchase. Returns followed closely with a gift statement produced through a kind of credit.
  4. Without a legal and authentic reception, Express will search its database to the first purchase using the bank card used for Purchases or the mobile number.
  5. If the first purchase can’t be located from the database, then you also can exchange the product with anything of equal value or better.
  6. The items being traded will be delegated to the current marketplace price when ascertaining their value.
  7. If you create an exchange for items of higher value, you’ll need to pay for the delivery.

Payment Methods Acceptable

Express Credit Card
American Express
China Union Pay

Non-returnable Item

There’s nothing new mentioned above that may be returnable.
Gift cards are part of the non-returnable items.

Acceptable Method of Express Return Policy

Return by your own

If you wish to return your product personally, you can use your preferred courier service using the shipping address:


30 Transport Drive
Walton, KY 41094


Landmark Global
4240 Harvester Road Unit 2
Burlington, ON L7L0E8, Canada

Return using the shipping label

Click on the product you wish to return and exchange.
Click Submit return or exchange request and review it.
You’ll get a return label.

What if I have no receipt?

In a situation where you have lost your receipt, Express will consider it through a different approach.
If the products were delivered within 60 days of purchase or returned, then an exchange may be possible.

International Return

Express doesn’t allow a free global return for global purchase. For more information, you can call the corporation service No.- 1-888-397-1980
So there’ll direct you with all the process of returning the item. You may even Mail express on Address for Worldwide return is provided under.


EXPRESS International Returns
30 Transport Drive
Walton, KY 41094


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