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Here is an updated guide on How To Check Uniuyo Semester Results On E Portal Website – As earlier stated, if you got admitted into the prestigious University of Uyo, UNIUYO from 2017, you’ll need to use the university e portals website to check your results.
Don’t worry, the process on how to get that done is not hard.
We’ve taken the time to simplify it in such a way that everyone can undertake it with ease.
Note that unlike the website, to check your result on the eportal website, you’ll need your access code.
However, you can still use your registration number as your access code.
Here is how to check your uniuyo semesters result on eportal do the following.
1. Enter in your browser and click on the search button
2. Enter your registration number
3. Enter your access code
4. Click Student Login and you’ll be taken to your account
5. Next, click Check Result(s) at the top right corner of the page
6. Now, select your session
7. Select the semester you wish to check the result
8. Finally, click Print Semester Result at the bottom left of the page and the result will be downloaded into your device.
That is how to check semester result via the uniuyo student’s eportals.
How To Check Uniuyo Semester on UNIUYO.EDU.NG
If you’re a student os the university of uyo, uniuyo, you can also check your result via the school official website:
To do that, you’ll need to do the following:
1. Enter in your browser and click on the enter button to continue to the university of uyo official website
2. Go to the top right corner of the page and click e-portals
3. Next, enter your registration number and access code in the spaces provided
4. Click Student login and you’ll be taken to your account
5. Click Check Result(s) at the top right corner of the page
6. Select the session as well as the semester you wish to access the result and click print semester result and you’re done.
Good news! Good news! Good news!
How to check result at
If you’re a student of the University of Uyo, UNIUYO and maybe you’re worried because the results that were pasted in your department have been torn, don’t worry because you can still check that your result online. Here are the steps you can follow to do that now.
1. With your browsing phone or personal computer, log on to
2. On the website, you’ll see semester results. Click it.
3. When you performed step two above, a new page shall display. On that page, you’ll see options like;
– Check result
– Get access code
– Change access code
– Forgot access code

3. You need to get your access code first before you can check your results. So to get your access code, hit the option that says; get access code. When you do that, you’ll see a space asking you to enter your registration number.

Enter it in the space accordingly and click get access code. If you did it correctly, your access code will displace. Copy it down. 

How to change your access code to the one you can easily remember.
The access code is usually a mixture of numbers and letters. You need to change it to the one you can easily remember so that at any time you can use it to check your result. So, want to change that access code? 
Here’s it. To change your access code to the one you like, click on the option on that same page that says Change access code.

When you do that, a new page shall display. On the spaces provided on that page, enter your current code, enter the new code you want to use and then confirm the new code by entering it again and click change code. 

Make sure you enter the current code or you’ll be getting a message like, invalid code. To know if your code has been changed successfully, you’ll see a message like your code has been changed.

Then to change your result with the new access code, click on check results and do the following;

a. Enter your registration number
b. Enter your access code
c. Select the year you wish to check your result and then hit check results.
Your results, GPA and CGPA will be displayed to you. You can also print your results if you like. To print, just click on the print button.


Are you a student at the University of Uyo (Uniuyo)? And have you been wishing or longing to know your performance in each of the courses in the just-concluded semester’s exams but due to one reason or the other you have not been able to have access or see your results and your CGPA?

Do you have a smartphone that can aid your access to the internet? Or are you close to any Cyber Café?
If the answers to the above questions are yes, then you’re at the right place because “my school info” is here once again to unveil to you an outstanding achievement the Management of the University of Uyo (Uniuyo) has attained.
And what is this achievement?
I know you must have been wondering and at the same time asking yourself what Uniuyo has achieved that call for this article.
Here is it “this is to inform all Uniuyo students that they can now check their semester(s) result(s) anywhere in the globe and at any time without stress as the school Management has enabled a site for that. So don’t bother yourself running around all the faculties and departments at the University of Uyo [UNIUYO] simply because you want to check GST 111, CHM 111, PHY 111, MATH 111 and many others. See typical results below.

As I have said earlier with your personal computer (PC) or your smartphones which I believe you have simply input into your browser and select semester and session. The steps are given below to guide you through the whole process. 
I promise you they are simple and easy to follow even if you are a computer novice. So read through and be applying the procedure at the same time and you will see yourself landing on the safer side.

If I may ask, do you know the most interestingly interesting thing about the whole stuff?

Well, the most interesting thing is that the majority of students don’t know how to calculate their CGPA and in this platform [], everything has been taken care of. 
What I mean by the statement [every thing has been taken care of], is that your CGPA has been computed for you so that along with your semester results, you automatically know your worth as a student of UNIUYO. You know where you belong…
But I am not saying that you shouldn’t check your results on the notice board whenever they are being posted.

Please, all students should note that checking their results on the notice board provides them with the following vital information:

1. the date the results are being posted

2. the name of the HOD and his/her signature

3. the name of the exam officer

4. the name of the course lecturer and his/her signature

Why am I bringing up all these?

The reason is that your exam officer is a human being and is bound to make mistakes in the course of imputing the results into the school’s records.

So whenever situations of that nature happen, the so-called smart students who have taken their time to jot down the above information against each of the posted results can easily fall back to them and get the case resolved without coming back to repeat the course they have cleared before.

Therefore, my advice to all students out there is that you should always ensure to write down the date the results were posted on the notice board, the date the HOD and the course lecturer that signed the results and the exam officer’s name. 
I guess every student should have a special jotter for that. So that should there be any mix-up in your results, you should be able to present the ones you have written down with the information on them to school authority confirmation and verification.
I hope this article will be of help to you. To see the few steps given below. 

How can you do that?

Uniuyo epromac is one the official University website that specializes in uniuyo student results, course registration, uniuyo student complaint if the need arises and many others.

This simply means that before you can check your results online as a uniuyo student, you must have access to the epromac site and perform the few instructions we shall be outlining below for you. 

Checking the result is very simple and with what we shall be showing you subsequently, you shall be able to check your semester’s results online with ease.

So just pay keen attention and follow the steps one after the other to check your result.

In order to check your semester’s results, just follow the simple steps given below:
1. To access your semester(s) results visit 
A dialogue box shall display as shown below.
How to check uniuyo semester results online

2. Enter your registration number in the space provided. Let’s take for example if your registration number is     12/EG/CE/1764. Just enter it into the space provided for a registration number as shown in the dialogue box above. I.e

How to check Uniuyo semester results online

3. For password, enter your registration number again exactly the same way you entered into the registration number space i.e. 12/EG/CE/1764′

4. And then click on login to continue.

That is it. The whole stuff is as simple as that and there no need scamping about looking who and where to check your semester’s results online. Note that you can do it with your phone in the comfort of your home.
Note: in order to access the result of the semester of your choice, you must select that session for example 2012/2013 session if that is the session you wish to check and then click on the check results button. Once you’ve done that, everything shall be displayed on the screen for you to see what you’ve gotten your semester’s exams. Those are all the steps you need. So hurry now and check your results.

This is indeed beautiful and simple. Trust me there won’t any more complaints on they had torn the results on the notice board and mine are nowhere to be found which will require you to wait until when the exam officer shall paste CGPA. 
And as we all know, waiting for the exam’s officer to publish it on the notice board usually takes a long period of time and some time is even toward the ending of that particular semester. And above all, that might even deprive you of the privilege of knowing your continuous assessment performance.


Have you encountered any challenge in the course of checking your results or are your results incomplete? 
If yes then, register your complaint by clicking on the Enquiries/Complaints link under the student link? 
Again enter your registration number and passwords exactly as before and click on login to continue. If that is done, a dialogue box as shown below will be displayed asking you to add your complaint.

how to add your complain
When the above dialogue box shows up, enter the subject of your complaint in the space provided i.e in the box and then add the complaint in the comment space below the subject and when you are done click on “send” and I bet you that your issues shall be attended to within 24 hours.


Do you know that you can also register your courses here? Of course, you can.
In order to register your courses click on the “course registration” link which will display as shown below.

Uniuyo course registration

Then select the semester you want to register the courses, the session as well as the level. When you are done, click on view course clearance form which will show up as display below.  Register your courses and then print.

uniuyo course clearance form


Here are the comprehensive steps on how to pay Uniuyo school fees online because, over time, it has occurred to us that the majority of Uniuyo students don’t know how to pay their school fees online by themselves. 
Therefore it became imperative for us in “my school info” to compile this brief guide on how to pay Uniuyo school fees online without stress. We are assuring you that at the end of this tutorial, you will be totally independent in terms of how to pay your school fees online on the student portalread more


This is to inform all the students of the University of Uyo, Uniuyo that the university has published the 2016/2017 first semester results online and that they can now proceed to the school official website to check their results. 
The school has just concluded the 2016/2017 second semester examination and once the result is uploaded online by the school management, we shall make it known here. So for all the latest news on Uniuyo result, always check back here because we shall always ensure to keep you updated daily on the newest news on Uniuyo results.
The procedure for checking the 2017 semester result is the same as the ones illustrated above. All that is required of you is to log on to the school result checking portal [] and follow the instructions that were given above.

1. Visit

2. Your student registration number

3. Click on the semester’s button

4. Select the year or the session you wish to check

5. Click on the check result button and you’re done

Note whenever there are newest updates, we shall not hesitate to post it here. So like we said earlier, always check back on this website for the latest news on Uniuyo and its results updates.




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