7 Mistakes To Avoid In 2018 Admission Process

Mistakes To Avoid In 2018 Admission Process: Judging from the just concluded admission exercise, a lot of persons made some mistakes that actually hampered their chances of gaining admission into their institution of choices. According to statistics, over a million candidates apply for JAMB UTME each year, and less than 40% actually gain admission.

In order to know what the challenge was, we decided to do a mini-research on what could possibly be the root cause of this poor performance on the side of prospective students.

In the course of our research, we came up with this simple but straight to the point list of mistakes to avoid comes 2018 admission exercise.

So, in the course of this article, we shall be sharing with you the list of mistakes you must avoid in order to soar higher and better in your admission process for the 2018/2019 admission exercise. So, sit back and relax as we take you through the various mistakes you must avoid in 2018 admission process.

Are you ready!!!

If yes, here are they;
1. Inconsistent age in your document: A lot of candidates seems to be making this mistake every now and them. It is important to note here that your age is very important during your admission processing and that if wrongly entered, can cost you your admission. So, to avoid this simple mistake, make sure there is a correspondence between the age record on your WAEC and the one you’re using in your JAMB registration.

2. Wrong spelling of names: Though at the moment, JAMB has to some extent put this one into check, note that wrong spelling of names can lead to waste of money because if your name were wrongly spelt, you need to pay extra money to get the issue rectify. To avoid this simple mistake, ensure you enter your name correctly while filling your JAMB registration form.

3. Not being informed: As rightly said, information is power and those who with access to it are powerful. You need to be informed of the latest happenings on JAMB and the latest admission tip, which you can only get on this site. It is important.

4.Wrong O’level grade: Wrong O’level grades can be detrimental to your chances of gaining admission to study your dream course. It is interesting to know that your O’level grades play a vital role in your admission. In view of this, you must exercise caution while inputting your grade because any mistake can be irrecoverable.

5.Wrong Subject Combination: Wrong subject combination is one of the most common mistakes that are mostly made by many JAMB candidates. Ensure you use the appropriate subject combination from JAMB when applying. You might not gain admission with a wrong subject combination. It is important to click here to know your subject combinations.

6. Inadequate Preparation: Most of the JAMB applicants find it very difficult to prepare for their examination. Majority of them believe that on that day, no matter what, manna must fall into their smartphones and guess what? They go sleeping and if, on that day nothing happens, they end up not writing anything.

To avoid this, visit ibass.jamb.gov.ng. Ibass.jamb.gov.ng was launched by JAMB to guide all JAMBITES in their exam preparation. On that site, you can practice related CBT questions free of charge and also download free eBrochure and eSyllabus.

7. Avoid Zigzap Reading: To perform better in your examination, form a workable timetable that shall effectively guide you in your preparation process. Don’t be like those guys whose reading habit is zigzag as the word. Ensure your own is linear.

I guess we should pause here.


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