How to Find Past Events on Facebook | Step by step

Recently Kelly on Facebook asked me how do I Find Past Events on Facebook? Well, To find past events on Facebook, is very simple and easy. To respond to Kelly question, I’ve decided to compile this article believing that it’ll be of help to as many of the persons who may also be looking for the guideline on how they can find past event on Facebook as well.
How to Find Past Events on Facebook | Step by step
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Okay, having outlined that, let me stress here that Facebook provides an easy platform for organizing parties with its events function. Planning an event takes just a few minutes, and you can invite just a few people or your entire friend list. To either of those is what really triggered this article. 
Note that you are expected to enter the event’s date, time and other pertinent details to let your friends know where to show up. 
Friends can RSVP to your event right on the site. While you no longer can edit past events, it is quite easy to view them. 
– Click on “Events” from your Facebook homepage. The link is located on the left side of the page just under the thumbnail of your profile picture. 
– Click on the “Past Events” link on the “Events” page. The link is located in the left-hand column. 
– Scroll down the page to view events — events are listed in chronological order, with the newest first. Use the right-facing arrow at the bottom of the page to navigate back to older events. 
Bear in mind that you can view past events, but you won’t be able to edit information such as time and date in the posting once the event has occurred.
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