How to Make Your Birthday Available on Your Facebook | Steps to Create Your Birthday Event on FB

How to Make Your Birthday Available on Your Facebook: In our previous post which was titled How to Get an Anniversary to Show Up on Facebook we explained extensively the guidelines one could follow to get his or her anniversary to show up on Facebook. If you’re looking for something related to how you can setup your anniversary and get it to show up on Facebook, we recommend that article for you.
Today, we want to share with you here the few simple but straight to the guide you can also follow to make your birthday available on Facebook. Just like the one we told you about in that our previous article, the procedure you’re expected to follow to make your birthday show up on Facebook is very simple and easy.

How to Make Your Birthday Available on Your Facebook | Steps to Create Your Birthday Event on FB

All that is required of you is to follow the few instructions we shall be sharing with you in the course of this article with keen attention.

Okay, let’s get started…As a member of Facebook, you can keep track of your friends’ birthdays and send them birthday wishes by posting on their wall or sending them a private message.

You can also choose whether or not to make your own birthday available to all of your friends, and when the time comes, you can use Facebook to send your buddies invitations to the party.

You can edit your birthday on Facebook. The procedure is simple and easy. All that you need do is to;
1. Log on to your Facebook account and then click the “Edit Profile” button on the top-right corner of your profile page. Bearing in mind that your birthday is under the “Basic Information” tab.

2. To the right of your birthday is a drop-down menu where you can choose if you want your full birthday to be visible on your profile, just the month and the day, or not at all. Once you’ve done that, click “Save Changes.”

Facebook gives you the option to make your birthday visible not only to your friends, but to the friends of your friends, and even to everybody who happens upon your profile. Click on “Account” from the bar at the top of your Facebook page and select “Privacy Settings.”

You can make your entire profile viewable by “Everyone,” “Friends of Friends,” or “Friends Only” or select “Customize settings” to choose which information to make visible to whom. Click “Apply These Settings” when done.
Friends’ Birthdays 
From your Facebook “Home” page, click “Events,” then “Birthdays.” If your friends have their birthdays visible to you, their birthdays will appear under the appropriate month, along with their coming age if they made their birth year visible. Facebook will also remind you of friends’ birthdays when they are coming up.

How to Create a Birthday Event on Facebook 
You can also use Facebook to send invitations for your birthday party to your friends. Follow the simple guide below to do that;
To create your birthday event on Facebook,
1. Click “Events” from your Facebook “Home” page and
2. Select “Create an Event.” Set the date, time, location, and details regarding the birthday party in the following prompt.
3. Under “Who’s invited?,” click “Select Guests.” A list of all your friends will appear. Choose from among them whom you want to come to your party.
4. Finally, hit “Create Event.”

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