Step by step guide on how to Invite All Friends to a Facebook Event

How to Invite All Friends to a Facebook Event: Can I invite all my Facebook friends to an event? The preceding question was asked by one of our esteemed readers on our social media channel. According to him, can someone invite all his Facebook friends to an event via Facebook? 

Step by step guide on how to Invite All Friends to a Facebook Event
Well,  the answer is yes. You can actually invite all friends to a Facebook event. To do that is very simple and easy. In this article, I shall be showing you the few simple but straight to the point guidelines you need to follow to invite all your friends to a Facebook event with either your smartphone or personal computer.
Before you shall dive to the guides, let me quickly remind you here that if you are hosting an online or offline event, you can use Facebook to tell your friends about your event and send them invitations online. 
Facebook allows its users including you to create their own custom events within the social network. With this Facebook feature, you can then invite all of your Facebook friends to the event using Facebook’s friend tools
Bear in that you can also invite friends who are not a part of Facebook to view the event information, as long as you have your friends’ email addresses. Alright, having outlined all that, here is the step by step guide you can following on Facebook to invite all friends to an event. 
The steps are very simple and easy. Just follow them with keen attention and you shall end up doing it all alone without stress.
To invite your friends to an event on Facebook, do the following;
– You’ll need to first and foremost be logged into your Facebook account. If you’ve not done so already.
– Once logged in, click “Events” from the menu on the left side of your Facebook “Home” page, then click the “Create an Event” button at the top of the page. 
– Enter information about your event in the online form. 
– Click the “Select Guests” button. This will display all of your Facebook friends in a new window. 
– Place a check in the box next to each friend you wish to invite. 
– To invite someone who does not have a Facebook account, type his or her email address into the “Invite by E-mail Address” text box. 
Note that you can type more than one email address here. All that you need do is to separate each with a comma. Do that will send an email with all the information about the event. This does not require the person to sign in or create an account to view this information. 
– Click the “Save and Close” button. 
– Click the “Create Event” button to save your event and send invitations to all of the Facebook and email contacts you specified in your invitation.
That is all. Your event shall be created successfully after you must have followed the steps according. Also, all your friends shall get to know about it. Goodluck.
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