How to Report a Fake Account that is Pretending to be you on Facebook

How do I report an account that’s pretending to be me on Facebook? Recently, someone asked me the foregoing question in one of our articles. To proffer solution to that question, I have deemed it right to compile a simple but straight to the point article so that other persons in this category can also have access to this Facebook feature. So, if you’re in the category of persons that are facing challenges of this sort, then I guess I’m wrong to say that this article is prepared exclusively for you and your friends.

In the course of this post, I shall try to show you the simplest way you can follow to report that person that is pretending to be you on Facebook. So, do well to follow me with keen attention and while reporting the person do well also to give accurate information so that the Facebook team would be able to tackle the issue accordingly.

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Alright…let’s get started. Before we shall to the steps proper, let’s quick remind ourselves the quick guidelines we can follow to log into our Facebook account with our device or with someone else device.
How to Report a Fake Account that is Pretending to be you on Facebook
How to log into your account on Facebook
Before you can report a particular page on Facebook, you must first of all be logged into your account. Here is a quick reminder of how to get that done with ease. To log into your Facebook account, visit

At the top right-hand corner of the page that displays, enter either your email, phone number or your username and then your password and click on the login button. If you wish to log into your account with a device which someone else has already logged into Facebook, all that you need to do is to first and foremost logout the person’s account and then try logging in.
How to logout account on Facebook
To logout, the person’s account, click on the small triangular-shaped object which is located on the search bar. Scroll down and then click on logout. Once you’ve done that, the person’s account shall be logged out and spaces shall be provided for you to log into your own account. If you’ve successfully logged into your account, you’re a few steps away from reporting that page on Facebook. The procedure on how to report a page on Facebook is very simple and easy. All that you need do is to follow the 3 simple guidelines which we shall be outlining below for you.

How to report an account that is pretending to be you on Facebook
To report a fake Facebook account or an account that is pretending to be you on Facebook is never a big deal. The procedure is as simple as the word. All that you need do is to follow the few steps I shall be sharing with you in this article with keen attention bearing in mind the danger involve if someone else is using your account or name in causing havoc on social media.

As we all know, it is risky and at the same time annoying to see someone else using your name in perpetrating evil online. In view of that, if someone is using your account or name on Facebook, it is very necessary you act with immediate effect and get the case resolve accordingly so that such a person may not use your account or name to commit what you may not be able to erase for the rest of your life. Having outlined that, here are the few important steps which you can follow to report the account to Facebook.

1. Visit the account or profile that is pretending to be you and do the following;
a. Hover on the person’s page and click on the three dotted symbol(). The symbol is located under the person’s cover photo. When once you do that, a number of options shall displays.
b. Click on the option that says report.

2. Then follow the on-screen instructions on impersonation to file a report.

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