How to Report a Page on Facebook | 3 Quick Guides

Looking for a guide on how to report a page on Facebook? If yes, then here we’ll be sharing with you 3 quick guide you can follow to get that done without stress. We decided to compile this post in response to one of our esteem readers who wish to report a company on Facebook. According to the person, he needs a refund but the company seems to be playing him around.

How to Report a Page on Facebook | 3 Quick Guides

So, just like that our reader, if you also wish to report a page on Facebook, this think this article is prepared exclusively for you and your friends. In the course of this post, we shall be brief as possible but important points must be treated accordingly so do well to follow it with keen attention.

How to log into your account on Facebook
Before you can report a particular page on Facebook, you must first of all be logged into your account. Here is a quick reminder of how to get that done with ease. To log into your Facebook account, visit

At the top right-hand corner of the page that displays, enter either your email, phone number or your username and then your password and click on the login button. If you wish to log into your account with a device which someone else has already logged into Facebook, all that you need to do is to first and foremost logout the person’s account and then try logging in. 

How to logout account on Facebook
To logout, the person’s account, click on the small triangular-shaped object which is located on the search bar. Scroll down and then click on logout. Once you’ve done that, the person’s account shall be logged out and spaces shall be provided for you to log into your own account.
If you’ve successfully logged into your account, you’re a few steps away from reporting that page on Facebook. The procedure on how to report a page on Facebook is very simple and easy. All that you need do is to follow the 3 simple guidelines which we shall be outlining below for you.
How to report a page on Facebook
Here are the three simple steps you can follow to report a page on Facebook;
1. Visit the page you wish to report and then click on the three dots sign[…] which is directly below the page cover picture or photo. On doing that, a dialogue box shall display showing the various crime that page must have been committed. Click on the option you wish to report the page for and then proceed to step two below.
2. The next step is to click on the continue button after you must have selected what you wish to report the page for as outlined in step one above. Note: The option you select should be the one that best describes what you wish to report the page for.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions accordingly to proceed.

Once you succeeded in report the page, the Facebook team shall review the page and remove anything that doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards. The Facebook team may also warn or disable the person responsible.

Before you shall proceed to the page you wish to report, bear this in mind; if you can’t access the Page you want to report, consider asking a friend to report it.

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