How do I Deactivate and Permanently Delete My Facebook Account?

Here’s an article on how to deactivate and permanently delete your Facebook Account. Facebook’s social network is vast, and many of Facebook’s members use their accounts on a daily basis. 

According to Facebook’s website, the site has over 500 million active users and nearly 250 million of these users log in at least once on a given day. 
How do I Deactivate and Permanently Delete My Facebook Account?
While many Facebook users habitually log in and use the social networking platform, there are also people who find the service useless or irritating. 

Even if you like Facebook, you still may want to deactivate an account with the purpose of starting fresh on a new Facebook profile. 

Whatever your reason for account deletion, you need to follow specific steps to permanently remove your account.

1. Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Visit the “Delete Account” page on the Facebook website (link in Resources). You can only visit this page after you log in, and it isn’t accessed from any options within your profile settings. If you “deactivate” your account from within your settings, the account is deactivated but remains in the system.

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The only way to permanently delete every part of your profile is through the “Delete Account” page

3. Click “Submit” to confirm that you want to delete your account. You will be automatically logged out and your account is scheduled for removal. Accounts are not removed until a few hours after you click “Submit.” This is designed to protect your account in case you delete it by mistake.

4. Check your email. When the account is permanently deleted and purged from the system, Facebook sends a message to the email address associated with the deleted account.

Note that this is the last message you will receive related to that account and the account is fully deleted.

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