Facebook Event: How to Make Multiple Dates on a Facebook Event

How to Make Multiple Dates on a Facebook Event– Facebook Events are an easy way to notify and invite a large guest list to meetings, concerts, parties and other functions. Unless you want to create a new event each month, you may want to consider creating a repeating event. It’s possible to convert an existing event into a repeating event even if the event was originally set up as a one-shot.

Facebook Event: How to Make Multiple Dates on a Facebook Event

How to Create a Facebook Event 
1 Click on “Events.” It should appear in your list of Favorites on your home page.

2 Click “Create Event.”

3 Enter the name, details, location, date and time of the event. You can add the time the event is over by clicking on “End Time.”

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4 Select the privacy settings of your event. “Public” means that anyone with a Facebook account can see the event and invite others to the event. “Friends of Guests” means that all of your friends can join the event. Once they join, they can invite all their friends who can also join the event. “Invite Only” means that only those you specify can see the event. They can join and invite others unless you uncheck “Guests Can Invite Friends.”

5 Click on “Invite Friends” if you selected “Invite Only.” A pop-up list of your Facebook friends will appear. Put a check mark next to the ones you want to invite and click “Save.” The “Esc” key will allow you to exit the window without saving.

6 Click “Create.” Your event page will open.

Make Your One-time Event a Repeating Event 
1 With the Events Page open, click on the tools button that looks like a cog gear. It is located to the right of the “Edit” button.

2 Select “Create Repeat Event.”

3 Select a new date for the second event. All the same invitees will be invited to the second event unless they declined or removed themselves from the invitation. If your event changes location each time, enter a new location for the second event. The new location will appear only on the second event and will not affect the first occurrence. You can also change the name, details, time or privacy settings for each repeated event you create.

– You do not have to add all the recurring events at once. Select any event in the series and repeat Steps 1-3.

-Facebook will automatically link pages, maps and other helpful information to the event, making it easy for guests to locate events and make comments.

– Check the invitee list periodically to make sure that guests don’t accidentally remove themselves just because they can’t attend one event in the series.

– Updates to a scheduled event are automatically posted to the Facebook home pages of invitees and guests, saving you a lot of phone calls when last minute changes occur.

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