How Can I Crop a Photo Posted on Facebook?

Facebook photos: Recently, Jack asked me; can I crop a photo that is already posted on Facebook? To answer this question, I’ve decided to prepare this article so that as many of the persons who are in the same category like Jack would be able to find the answer to the question. So if you’re looking for the answer to this question or something related to this, then this article is prepared just for you. Read it with keen attention and do well to follow the content accordingly.

How Can I Crop a Photo Posted on Facebook?

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While you can share your photos on Facebook, the site doesn’t have many options for editing photos. There are no Facebook tools to crop your photos, with the exception of your profile photo. Since this photo appears as a thumbnail next to content you post, Facebook lets you crop the photo so the focus is on you. After you crop a picture and make it your profile photo, Facebook automatically adds the cropped version to your “Profile Pictures” photo album.

– Click your name on your Facebook home page to visit your Timeline. Select “Photos” and select the picture you want to crop and set as your profile photo. Click the photo to open it in Facebook’s photo viewer.

– Hover over the photo and click “Options.” Select the “Make Profile Photo” option to open the cropping window.

– Use your cursor to drag the cropping box to your desired place on the photo. Click a corner and drag your cursor to resize the box. Everything outside the box gets cropped out of the photograph. Select the “Done Cropping” option to finish and set your profile picture.

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