How Can I Set Facebook Wall Posts to Be by Approval Only?

Recently, Kelly on Facebook asked me; how can I set facebook wall posts to be by approval only? Well, here, I will be sharing with you what I told Kelly during our conversation so read this post with keen attention. Your Facebook Timeline is a collection of different types of content, including status updates, photos and links. In addition to the content you post, your Timeline displays anything your friends tag you in.

How Can I Set Facebook Wall Posts to Be by Approval Only?

While adjusting your privacy settings determines who can see your Timeline, added steps are necessary to monitor the content that appears. Turning on Timeline Review enables you to approve wall posts before they become visible.

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Here’s how to…
– Log in to your Facebook account, and click the gear-shaped icon in the top right corner of any page. Select the “Account Settings” option. Find the “Who Can Add Things to My Timeline” section of the resulting “Timeline and Tagging Settings” page.

– Click the “Edit” link beside the “Review Posts Friends Tag You In Before they Appear on Your Timeline” option. Open the drop-down menu on the resulting page in the “Who Can Add Things to My Timeline” section, and change the setting from “Disabled” to “Enabled.”

– Check for pending posts by navigating to your Timeline and clicking the “Activity Log” button just below your cover photo. Select the “Timeline Review” option from the left side panel of the resulting page and review any pending posts.
Note: Timeline Review applies to the appearance of content on your Timeline only. When friends tag you in posts, they may still be visible in Facebook News Feeds, via search and in other places on Facebook. Adjust your privacy settings to customize how people can find you, share with you and see content you post.

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