How to Get an Anniversary to Show Up on Facebook

How to Get an Anniversary to Show Up on Facebook – Do you have an anniversary that is coming up that you wish to let your friends know on Facebook? If yes, here, we shall be sharing with you the simple guidelines or steps you’re expected to follow to get your anniversary show up on Facebook without stress.

How to Get an Anniversary to Show Up on Facebook

The procedure is very simple and easy. All that you need do is to follow the few guides we shall be outlining in the later part of this article with keen attention.

Alright, let me quickly say here that the Facebook social networking service allows you to post personal information, which is then displayed on your profile. In the relationship section of your profile, you can specify who your family members are, as well as what your relationship status is.

When you indicate that you are married, you can specify the date of your anniversary. This information is displayed on your profile and you receive a reminder from Facebook on your anniversary.

How to get an anniversary to show up on Facebook.
Before you can get an anniversary to show up on Facebook, you must first and foremost be logged into your account. See the procedure on how to get an anniversary to show up on Facebook below;

a. Sign in to your Facebook account and click the “Edit Profile” link below your username and profile picture on the top left corner of the page.

b. Click the “Edit” button next to the Relationships and Family section of the page.

c. Select “Married” from the Relationship Status drop-down menu if it is not selected already.

d. Enter the name of your spouse in the space provided if you have not yet done so previously. You can also leave this section blank if you prefer not to indicate the name of your spouse.

e. Select the month, day and year of your anniversary from the drop-down lists in the Anniversary section and then click the “Save” button. Once you’ve done that properly, your anniversary is now shown on the Basic Information section of your Facebook profile and will also show up in your Events section as the day approaches.

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