How to Size Your Facebook Profile Photo | Quick Guide

Facebook Profile Photo Cropping: According to history, when Facebook was founded by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, the site was used only by college students. By January 2011, there were 600 million plus active monthly users, according to the Goldman Sachs Group, who invested $450 million in Facebook.

How to Size Your Facebook Profile Photo | Quick Guide

Many users choose to upload a profile photo to add a personal touch and help friends recognize them on Facebook. Even if you don’t have a photo that is quite the size you want on your computer, you can upload the picture and adjust the dimensions on the Facebook site.

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– Log in to the Facebook site using your email account information and password.

– Click the “Edit My Profile” link underneath your screen name.

– Click the “Profile Picture” link (the second option on the left side of the screen.)

– Click “Browse” to access the photos on your computer. Choose a photo for your profile image.

– Click the photo you want to use as your profile photo. This will complete the information in the “File Name” field. Click “Open” to upload the photo.

– Click “Edit Thumbnail” if you want to change the way the photo is centered when it appears. If you wish to change only the size of the photo, proceed to step 7.

– Click “Profile” (on the upper right side of the screen) followed by “Photos” (the third option on the left side of the screen, directly underneath the profile photo.)

– Click “Profile Pictures.” Click on the photo that you just uploaded (it will appear as your current profile photo.)

– Click “Make Profile Picture” (the fourth option on the left side of the screen.) While this is already your profile picture, you must choose this option in order to size the photo.

– Drag the arrows on the transparent box to size the photo as you wish. The transparent box is at the smallest available size when it appears. It can be stretched to fit the full size of the photo or any size in between.

– Click “Done Cropping” when the photo is sized to your satisfaction. The newly sized photo will immediately appear as your profile photo on Facebook.

Note that you can only size photos one time on Facebook: If you have used any photos in your collection of profile photos previously, you will not be given an option to size the picture when you designate it as a profile picture again. However, any time you upload a new photo and then designate it as the profile photo for the first time you will be given the sizing option.

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