Learn How to Remove a Poke From Facebook

Recently, Kelly asked me; how do I remove a poke from Facebook? Well, here’s an article on how to get that done with ease at the comfort of your phone or personal computer.

Learn How to Remove a Poke From Facebook

Why Poking a Friend on Facebook?
When a friend wants to let you know she is thinking of you, she can “poke” you on Facebook. If you are poked, you receive a notification on your Facebook page along with the name of the user who poked you. 

After viewing the poke, you can permanently remove the notification from your page. You can only receive one poke from a user at a time. Therefore, removing the poke allows the user to poke you again in the future.

How to remove poke on Facebook
To remove a poke on Facebook, follow these simple but straight to the point guides;
– Open a Web browser and sign into your Facebook account via www.facebook.com.

– When successfully login your account, click “Home” on the menu at the top of the page.

– Locate the “Pokes” section on the right side of the page. This section lists all the pokes you have received.

– Click the “X” icon next to the poke you want to remove.

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