Learn How to Poke a Friend on Facebook

Looking for how to poke a friend on Facebook? We’ll be showing you how to get that done in this article. “Poking” is a simple but addictive feature offered on Facebook. 

Poking your friends sends them an instant notification saying “(Your name) poked you.” 

Learn How to Poke a Friend on Facebook

At this point, your friend gets the option to poke you back. Learning how (and when) to poke on Facebook just takes a minute or two, so open Facebook in another tab and follow along! 

What is poking?
If you’re a Facebook user, before you poke someone for the first time, it’s nice to know exactly what you’re doing. Poking a friend does the following:
1. Sends your friend a notification saying “(Your name) poked you.”
2. Gives your friend the option to poke you back, dismiss the poke, or ignore it.
3. Records the poke on your friend’s poke page.

Note: Each poke is only visible to whichever friend you poke. In other words, besides your friend, no one else can see the poke.

How to Poke your friend on Facebok
1. Poking a friend on Facebook is easy. To start, just visit the profile of the person you’d like to poke. You can do this by entering their name into the search bar, visiting your Friends page, clicking their name in your news feed, etc. Note that you can only poke friends — you won’t get the option to poke around the pages of people you aren’t friends with.

2. The next step is to click the “…” button at the top of your friend’s profile photo.

3. On the drop-down, click “Poke.” Note that this will send your friend a poke notification. Your friend can reply by poking you back or removing the poke.

How to check the Poke page to see who has poked you
Facebook gives you a convenient way to view all of your pokes at once: the Pokes page. This is available at Facebook.com/pokes. Here, you can see who you’ve poked and who has poked you.

Before you proceed on Facebook, bear it at the back of your mind that if you’ve been poking back and forth with a friend, this page will also show how many times in a row you’ve been poked.

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