Learn how to Unfriend a Facebook friend | Remove Facebook Friends

How do I unfriend someone on Facebook? was what kelly asked me on Facebook somestimes ago. In order to proffer solution to the question, I’ve decided to prepare this article. 
Learn how to Unfriend a Facebook friend | Remove Facebook Friends
So, if you’re looking for something related to how you can unfriend your Facebook friend, this article is recommended for you, It’s common among Facebook users to request and accept friends when they just sign up for Facebook. As time goes on, you find out that some of them ain’t really friends, so you want to take them off your friends list. 

This short article will show you how to remove them from your Facebook friends list to create space for your true friends.
How to unfriend a Facebook friend
To unfriend someone on Facebook, follow the steps below:
– Login to your Facebook account via www.facebook.com with either your email address or phone number
– Navigate to the profile of the friend you wish to unfriend
– Hover over the person’s cover photo and select friends.
– On the drop down hit Unfriend .

Wondering what will happen when you do that? Don’t have a panic attack, the person you unfriended won’t be notified.

If you don’t want someone to see your profile, add you as a friend or send you a message after you have unfriended him/her you can block Facebook Friend before unfriending them.

If you have blocked a Facebook user in the past and you wish to add them back as friends, click here to see how to unblock blocked Facebook friends. Once you have unblocked them, you can send them a friend request again.

If the reason for unfriending your friends is because your list has reached its maximum friends limit (5,000 friends) then you might want to create a Facebook page for yourself and ask your friends and new subscribers/followers to like it. That way you can still keep in touch with friends because all your page updates will appear on their news feeds. If they want to contact you, they can do so by sending a direct message to your new page.

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