Learn How to Insert a Facebook Name in a Post

How do I Insert a Facebook Name in a Post? The preceding question was what a friend of mine asked me sometimes ago on Facebook. That question was the main reason behind the compilation of this post. When the guy in question thrown the question at me, I immediately discovered that a lot of Facebook users may be in dire need of the answer to it.

Learn How to Insert a Facebook Name in a Post

Hence, I decided to put this piece together believing that it’ll go a long way in helping Facebook users to tackle issues of this nature.

So, if you’re in search of something related to this post title, I bet you this article contains everything you need. All that you need is to read it to the end.

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Tagging friends in photos is one of the most popular tasks in Facebook, but the website also includes other methods of tagging. For instance, when you are posting an item such as a comment or status update, Facebook allows you to tag a friend’s name.

Once tagged, your friend receives a notification informing him of the tag, and the item appears on his wall.

a. Place your cursor in the field where you want to add someone’s name, such as a Comment box or Status Update box.

b. Type “@.”

c. Type the person’s name after “@.” For example: “@Jane Doe.” A list of matching names appears below.

d. Click the person’s name. A blue box appears around the person’s name, indicating you have properly tagged them. Finish typing your post and click “Post” or press “Enter.”

Before you proceed on Facebook, note that depending on your friend’s privacy settings, the tag may need to be approved.

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