MTN Data Calculator In Nigeria

MTN Data Usage Calculator – Here’s an article that best explains an estimate your potential MTN data usage. Have you ever wonder why your MTN data that you just subscribed got exhausted within some hours or days?

Yes, I the writer of the article has also experienced that time without number. The question now is how often do you do the following;

1. Surf the Internet
2. Use Social Media
3. Send & Receive Emails
4. Game Online
5. Stream Music
6. Stream Non-HD Videos
7. Stream HD Videos ete.

MTN Data Calculator In Nigeria

If I may ask; do you know the amount of data the above-mentioned activities and the ones not listed here which you do often get yourself involved with do consume? I guess some smart guys may have some ideas of how the whole process works. At the same time, I doubt if 80% of MTN subscribers or customers do have an idea of how their data are being consumed while using them.

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For those that are searching for the reason why the data they do subscribe always finished within some few hours, this article is compiled specifically for you and your friends. The content of this article if followed accordingly, will aid you in managing your data and preventing it from unexpected consumption while you’re surfing the internet. So, I employ you to read this article to the very end and do remember to share it with your family and friends.

Before we proceed further, let me inform us once again that the major aim of this article is to introduce to MTN subscribers the concept of MTN Data Calculator. A device that test runs how their data are consumed while they’re surfing different things on the internet. It’ll interest you to know that different things have their data consumption capacity. Mind you, the data that Facebook consume is different from the one Gmail consumes. In the same vein, the ones that are consumed when you stream Non-HD Videos differs from the one when you stream HD Videos.

The question now is; how do you know the level of data that are being consumed by the different things you surf the net? To answer this question is the reason for this article. So if you’re seeking for the answer, take it as your own point of duty to read this article to the very end as all that you need about this issue has been outlined in the course of this article. Let me give you a little insight into the answer. You can know how those things work via MTN data calculator.

What Is MTN Data Calculator?
As a quick reminder, everytime you surf the web, stream videos, download stuff, engage in social media activities and other internet related activities, you consume data. The data calculator helps you to estimate your data usage.

In simple terms, MTN Data Calculator allows MTN customer get to know how the data they actually subscribed for are being consumed every time they surf the internet or do anything with their data. In summary, the calculator consists of all the things you can actually do with your data and the various capacities that each of them consumed at a given time.

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Please note this data usage estimate is only a guide. Your usage may vary during actual circumstances. Listed in the below table is an estimated of how your data are being used:

Activity Data Size
Surf the web 1 minute browsing online = 1 MB

Use social media 1 minute of browsing and posting to social media = 4 MB

Send & receive emails 1 email (with no attachments) = 20 KB

Send & receive emails 1 email (with standard attachments) = 300 KB

Game online 1 minute of playing online games = 3 MB

Stream music 1 minute of streaming music = 2 MB

Stream non-HD video 1 minute of streaming non-HD video content = 4 MB

Stream HD video 1 minute of streaming HD video content = 15 MB

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