MTN On Demand | How does it work?

Mobile Telecommunication Network, MTN On Demand: Here’s a comprehensive article that treats in details what MTN on Demand is all about and how it does work. Believe you me, if you’re among the MTN subscribers, this article will be of help to you especially if you wish to know the list of banks that have actually partnered with this network service provider in the aspect of buying of airtime and data recharge. I’m saying that in view of the fact that this post covers everything you need to know about MTN On Demand. 

MTN On Demand | How does it work?
Consequently, all the banks concerned will be listed for you as well as the procedure on how you can follow and start recharging your phone via the platform will also be stated down for you. So, don’t stop reading this post if you’ve not gotten to the very end. Do ensure you read it to the very end so you’d be able to grasp all that has been packaged for you.

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Our Table of Content
During the course of this article, we’ll attempt to cover the following areas;

1. What MTN On Demand is all about

2. How MTN On Demand works

3. The benefits of Using MTN On Demand

4. List of banks that are currently partnering with MTN for this service

5. How to buy/purchase airtime via VTU or ATM

1. MTN On Demand
A lot of MTN service subscribers do use MTN On Demand but if you ask them what the service is all about, believe you me, so many of them won’t be able to relate to you what the service is all about. In view of that, I have deemed it nice to compiled a simple post like this one to aid enlighten as many of the concerned persons.

In summary, MTN On Demand is a service which lets subscribers buy airtime directly from their bank accounts through a USSD code at their convenience, anytime, anywhere. Subscribers can buy airtime to a maximum of N3000. In other words, if you’re an MTN subscriber, with your MTN number, you can dial a simple 3-digits USSD (*904#) code and purchase airtime through your bank at the comfort of your mobile phone without going to any MTN shop. This service is as easy as the word. The most interesting aspect of it is that with your non-browsing phone, Nokia torchlight, you can also key into this golden opportunity.

The process does not require you to get a smartphone first before you can buy airtime via the code. I will explain in details how you can use your Nokia torch phone to buy or purchase airtime or data bundles from your bank via this code. If you own a smartphone, the process is easier compare to the non-browsing phone but that notwithstanding, here I’ll show you how you can get done via non-browsing phone with ease just like with the smartphones.

2. How MTN On Demand Works
Here’s are the service works. You can actually recharge or buy airtime via this service for yourself(self) or your family member or friend(third-party). There is no big difference between the two methods. The duo involves the same code but with little adjustment or modification. I’ll show you how you can get them with ease at the comfort of your phone. So, relax and follow me accordingly. First of all, let me say here that MTN Nigeria has deloped a unique code with which its subscribers can dial to access this service absolutely free of charge. MTN subscribers can now buy airtime directly from their bank. To do that, all they need to do is dial *904*Amount#.

When you dial the code, if you have different bank accounts, you can choose which of the banks you wish to buy or purchase airtime from.

Wondering how you can get that done?

See it here, when you dial the USSD code i.e. *904*Amount#, you will automatically be taken to a page with a list of the banks you bank with from which you can then select the bank you will like to debit. Note that the banks will be listed according to numbering. To select the bank of your choice out of the list, enter the serial number that is for that bank and proceed to this next step. This is especially applicable to the non-browsing phones where the next will be to enter your 4-digit password.

Let me quickly narrate the various benefits that are associated with this service and the category of individuals that are permitted to partake in the service before I will come back to show you in details how you can go about the whole process with your non-browsing phone like I promised in the preceding section of this article.

3. The benefits of Using MTN On Demand
The telecommunication giant has listed out the various benefits its customers can actually derive from using this service. I personally decided to include this section because I believe that some of us must have been asking what customers can gain from using this MTN On Demand. If you’re in the category of the individuals that are in search of what customers can actually benefit from the service, listed below are some of them.

With MTN On Demand, you will enjoy benefits such as:
1. Convenience (you can buy at any time, and anywhere)

2. Ease of purchase

3. No need to scratch

4. No network issues

5. Simple and instant (No delays)

6. Multiple purchases (strictly for the MTN number linked to any of your accounts)

The only issue with this service sometimes is that, if your service is bad may be due to your location, when you use this service, sometimes you’ll discover that your bank has debited you but your airtime has not been credited in our phone. If you experience something of that nature, there is no point to be panic because your bank will within some seconds recredit your account without any hidden charges. Aside from that, the process is instantaneous and very effective. With this MTN On Demand, within seconds, your account is been credited without any bank charges.

Who can enjoy MTN On Demand? 
The question now is; are there special categories of persons that are set aside to enjoy this service alone? To answer this question, I say no. The service is for all MTN subscribers. Irrespective of the MTN plan you belong you can always use this service at your convenience. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions.

The reason why I say so is that not every MTN customer has a bank account. To curb this issue, the telecommunication giant has listed the following to be the criteria which customers must satisfy before they can be deemed fit to enjoy the benefits attached to the service:
1. Customers with individual bank accounts who use MTN products and services
2. Customers with bank accounts who buy physical recharge cards and top up their lines manually

4. List of banks that are currently partnering with MTN On Demand
According to the Mobile Telecommunication Network, MTN official website,, as at the moment, I was writing this article, they have seven(7) banks on the platform. More banks will be enlisted soon. The names of the banks are as listed below;

1. Zenith Bank

2. Diamond Bank

3. Stanbic Bank


5. Fidelity Bank

6. First bank

7. Access bank

NOTE: This service is strictly for MTN Subscribers only.

How to set up an MTN On Demand PIN
Alright, here’s a complete guide on how to get started with MTN On Demand. As you all know, you can just dial the USSD code and start getting your account credited with as many airtimes as you want. To get started with this service, there are some few things you need to do before you can start enjoying this service. The basic thing is to setup your account. What simply means is that, when you dialled the code, *904*Amount# a new page will display.

On that page, you’ll need to navigate to the option that says; create a pin. Click on the option and create a very simple pin that you’d always need to carry out the transaction whenever you wish to. When you click on the option, you’d be required to enter a 4-digit PIN. When you’re done entering it click send and proceed to the next registration stage which is the confirmation stage. At this stage, you’d be required to confirm your PIN. Enter the PIN again and click send. If it is successful, you shall be informed that your registration was successful. With that PIN, you can then start purchasing airtime for yourself or a friend. The how to do that is what we’ll be treated in the next stage of this article. Continue reading…

How to Purchase Airtime For Yourself
When once you’ve created the pin by following the guidelines given in the preceding section, you can then start purchasing airtime for yourself with ease. To recharge your account or purchase airtime for yourself, dial *904*Amount#. A new page will display showing the list of bank account that is associated with your phone number. Since you can always choose the bank you want the charges to be made from, you will be given options to do so. Select the band and then proceed to the next stage which is the PIN section. Enter the PIN and then confirm the transaction and proceed. If you’ve done it correctly, your account will be credited immediately. Messages from your bank and MTM On Demand will also be sent to you.

How To Purchase Airtime For Third-Party(Your Friend or Another Phone Number)
Just like how to purchase airtime for yourself, to purchase airtime for another phone number or a friend of yours, you’ll need to dial this code; *904*Amount*Phone Number#. When once you do that correctly, a list of your bank will be displayed. Like the previous one, select the bank you want the charges to be made from and then proceed to the next stage which to enter your PIN and to confirm the transaction.

Need more?

Okay, let me briefly explain how you can purchase airtime via your Automated Teller Machine, ATM.

How to Purchase Airtime Via ATM
If you have an account with any of the bank listed above, you can proceed to the ATM stand and recharge your mobile phone number without any hidden charges. All that you need to do is to slot in your card into the machine and enter your PIN. When once you do that, the next step is to select your account type that is whether savings or current. To recharge, there are several options which you can use. You can use either of the following;
1. Quick teller

2. Pay arena

3. Topup

Select any one you want to use and proceed as follows;
1. Select the network, MTN, GLO, AIRTEL etc.

2. Enter the amount you want to purchase

3. Enter the mobile number you wish to be recharged

4. Confirm the transaction

5. Finally, click proceed and you’re done. Your account will be recharged with immediate effect. It’s that easy. Go and try it now.

Still, want more?

How To Purchase Data Plan for Yourself or Another Number 
Okay, recently, a friend of my asked me if one would be able to buy data via *904# code of a thing? Well, my answer was yes. You can also buy a data plan for yourself and your friends too. The procedure is as simple as the steps on how to buy airtime. The only difference is the introduction of an additional number to the initial code. To do this, dial *904*131# OR just dial *131# and follow the on-screen guide to purchasing a data plan for yourself or another number.

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