MTN Pulse Nigeria

The Telecommunication giant, MTN has a special tariff plan known as MTN Pulse. According to MTN official website,, with MTN Pulse, her customers can enjoy a limitless world of possibilities with the offer of 1GB for N500 on dealzone, all night browsing/downloading at N25 daily, Unlimited music+ streaming at N25 daily and VVIP invites to the hottest gigs in town. But before you would be able to do that, you must be migrated to the tariff plan.

MTN Pulse Nigeria

How to migrate to MTN Pulse and start enjoying all of the above benefits is the major reason why I’ve decided to arrange this write up for you and our esteemed readers who might also be interested in the plan. Before we shall dive into how to migrate to MTN Pulse, it’ll be nice if we check out everything about this pulse.

MTN Pulse? 
Yes! MTN Pulse. Wondering what it’s all about? Here’s it, the Mobile Telecommunication Network, MTN Pulse tariff plan is a prepaid tariff plan that allows MTN users enjoy a flat rate of 11kobo/sec for calls across all local Networks in Nigeria after spending about N11 per day. The tariff plan is one of the best MTN Plans that allows users talk more, laugh more and love more. Want to migrate to MTN Pulse now?

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Don’t stop reading because in this post all that you need to know about this plan will be exposed to you. Migrating to MTN Pulse is very easy. We’ll get to that guide soon so follow me accordingly.

MTN Pulse Special Features
Let me quickly outlined the various features of MTN Pulse so that individuals who want to migrate to the package will have first-hand knowledge of what the plan is all about.
1. All MTN prepaid customers are eligible to pertain to the MTN Pulse plan. All that you need do is to first and foremost be migrated to the tariff plan. When once you do that, you can then start enjoying all the benefits of the plan.

2. MTN Pulse has a lot of discount call rates which customers in other tariff plans like Ipulse and the rest of them will benefit from if they migrate to the Pulse plan. Mind you, Ipulse plan is different from MTN Pulse. Customers in Ipulse will also need you to migrate to MTN Pulse to enjoy the discounted call rates and other offers.

I guess some of us must have been wondering why they should migrate to MTN Pulse. Well, if you’re in that category, here are some of the reasons that might also be an eye opener for you to be on MTN Pulse. MTN customers are to bear in that they will enjoy the following benefits when they’re on MTN Pulse:
a. Flat rate of 11kobo/sec for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks after spending N11 daily.
b. Music streaming on Music+ at N10/day
c. Happy Hour night browsing at N25/day
d. 100% data bonus on the purchase of the 500MB weekly bundle
e. Data bonus on recharge
f. Plus other life-enriching products and services from MTN

How To Migrate To MTN Pulse
Alright, to migrate to MTN Pulse, you would need to text a certain USSD code to 131. So, want to migrate to Pulse? If yes, simply text 406 to 131 on your mobile phone. Note that this feature is available to be browsing and non-browsing phones.

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Aside from that method of migrating to MTN Pulse, there is still another way subscribers can still follow to migrate to Pulse with ease. If you feel you’re not comfortable with the first method, you can also migrate to MTN Pulse by dial this USSD code *406*1# on your mobile device and you’ll be migrated to Pulse within some seconds.

What about MTN Pulse Migration charges?
Well, there are no hidden charges when you migrate to MTN Pulse. The migration process is free of charge. However, bear in mind that if it is your subsequent migration within 30 days that you will be charged N100.

Now that you’ve successfully migrated to MTN Pulse, there are some certain things you need to know while on the tariff plan. As we outlined earlier, on MTN Pulse, you’re eligible to enjoy discounted call rates on your MTN-to-MTN calls and calls to other networks. Listed below are of the basic things you should know about MTN Pulse tariff plan;
a. As soon as you migrate into the MTN Pulse tariff plan, minutes spent on calls will be accumulated.

b. At this point, your calls to all National numbers will be charged at 22k/sec.

c. As you make the calls, your accumulated spend will continue to increase.

d. When your accumulated spend on calls reaches N11, your calls to all national numbers will reduce to 11kobo/sec.

e. You will continue to enjoy the discounted rate – 11kobo/sec for the rest of the day till 11:59pm of that day.

f. The next day, the same thing will happen. Your calls will be accumulated up to the defined amount N11after which your calls will drop to 11 kobo/sec.

g. When you spend up to the pre-defined daily amount, NGN11 while making a call, the new rate will be charged from the point you qualify.

h. If you migrate out of MTN Pulse tariff plan to any other prepaid tariff plan without spending up to the daily fee, all your accumulated spend will be cleared.

i. If you migrate back into MTN Pulse tariff plan, the system will begin to accumulate your spend again.

j. If you have made more than N11 worth of calls while on other tariff plans, it will NOT count towards reaching the pre-defined threshold when you migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan.

In case you decided to migrate to another prepaid plan after paying the daily fee,  your calls will be charged based on the call rate of that tariff plan. Note that this is applicable to those customers that want to know what will happen to their call rates if they decide to migrate to another prepaid plan after paying the daily fee.

National Voice Calls And International Calls On MTN Pulse
Since we have international guys in the building I guess it’ll do us more good if before we move further, we look into the national voice calls and International calls on MTN Pulse. Well, for those of us that wish to know if you can enjoy the discount on both national voice calls and International calls bear it at the back of your mind that at the moment, you will only enjoy the discount on MTN-to-MTN calls and MTN2Other networks call.

MTN Happy Hour Bundle On Pulse
Some of us wish to know if the MTN happy hour bundle will be activated for them when they migrated to MTN Pulse. Well, my answer to this no. MTN happy bundle will only be activated when you request for it. To enjoy MTN happy hour bundle, you need to subscribe by sending Night to 131 and the subscription fee of N25 will be deducted from your account.

Free Night Browsing On MTN Pulse
Before you can start browsing free in the night on MTN Pulse, you need to subscribe. Bear in mind that your subscription will not be renewed automatically on a daily basis. To keep on browsing free at night, you need to subscribe on a daily basis.

MTN Pulse Music+ Subscription
If you want to subscribe to music+ on MTN Pulse, here is a guide on how you can get that done with ease at the comfort of your smartphone. All you need do is to send a very simple a letter M to a USSD code. This feature is prepared specially for the music savvy guys. The USSD code which you’re expected to send M to subscribe to Music+ on MTN Pulse is 5900.

A subscription fee of N10 will be deducted when once you send the letter to that number. Before you proceed to do that, note that you will only enjoy the service for 1 day after which you will be required to subscribe to the weekly or monthly plan to continue enjoying the service.

MTN Pulse 500MB Data Bundle Subscription & Validity Period
MTN Pulse tariff plan has a weekly 500MB data bundle service that gives you 1GB whenever you subscribe. The subscription procedure is as easy as the word. The 500MB data bundle cost N500 and its validity is a period of seven days. To subscribe, do the following;
1. Text 103 to 131 or
2. Dial this USSD code *406*2# and your data will be activated immediately. Note that you must have up to the service charge amount before the subscription would be successful.

You can check your data balance when you subscribe. To do that, simply send 2 to 131 or dial this code *131*4#. Doing that will enable you to know how much of your data have been deducted and how much is remaining as you keep on using it. Remember that you can roll over your data. If you still have an unused data balance and the period within which the data is expected to elapse is almost at hand, you can always roll over the data.

This MTN data bundle feature enables you to still use your data that was supposed to expire in the near future. To roll over MTN data balance is just like warming your food to preserve it till the next day.

When you roll over data that was meant to expire, the data will automatically be added to the new one you will subscribe for the forth-coming month or period. This prevents the data from being automatically removed by the MTN data service providers. This can only be done if you renew your MTN data bundle before expiration. So, to roll over your unused data balance, simply renew your bundle before expiration date as this will result in extending the expiry date

Free Data Bonus On MTN Pulse
Another interesting feature that is inherent to this tariff plan is that customers on it will always receive free data on their first recharge every week. The bonuese customers are entitled to as follows; Customers will receive 10MB if they recharge with N100 but if they recharge with N200 or more, they will receive 20MB. If you want to check this data bundle, simply dial this USSD code *556#.

Tariff On MTN Pulse
Here is a table that gives a breakdown of the tariff you will enjoy on this MTN Pulse plan;

Migration                                                                                           Dial *406*1# | 406 to 131

Daily Threshold                                                                                    NGN11.00

Calls to MTN Numbers (after daily threshold has been achieved)    11 kobo per second

Calls to other networks (after daily threshold has been achieved)            11 kobo per second

Happy Hour Bundles                                                                            Happy Hour bundle @N25

Music plus                                                         Music streaming on MTN Music+ service @N10

Weekly bundle                                        100% data bonus on purchase of 500MB weekly bundle

Data bonus on recharge             10MB on ₦100 recharge or 20MB on ₦200 and above. ONLY on                                                      first recharge of the week

MTN Pulse Conversation
If you’re new on the platform, you can join MTN Pulse conversation. To do that, you need to signup an account on via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Click here for details information on how you can start participating in MTN Pulse conversation or chat.

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