Npower Tech (Software & Hardware) Pre-selection Status Checker

How to check if you’re pre-selected for Npower technology(hardware and software) programme. If you’re among the individuals that applied for the NpowerNg technology programme, we’re pleased to inform you that you can now check if you’ve been pre-selected for the next stage of the programme.

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This post has all that you need to know about how you can hover on the Npower official portal designated for pre-selection status checker and check if you’ve been pre-selected. So if you’re looking for complete guidelines on how to check your npowerng tech preselection status, you’re at the right place.

Npower Tech (Software & Hardware) Pre-selection Status Checker

All that you need to do is to follow the few guidelines which we’ve outlined below with keen attention and do ensure to follow all instructions outlined accordingly.

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Alright, for those of us in this npower tech, which consists of both the hardware and the software, you need to have your BVN with you because without it you won’t be able to check your pre-selection status. So the basic equipment that is required of you before you’d be able to use the procedure we will show you in this post and check your selection status is your browsing device and your BVN.

Aside from the procedure on how you check your pre-selection status on the npower official portal, we’ll also go further to show you here the steps you must follow to set up your account on the npower portal which will enable you to have a dashboard.

So do well to read this post to the very end as all that you need to know about npower tech(hardware and software) programme have been packaged in this post for you and your colleagues.

How To Check Your Npowertech Pre-selection Status
The procedure on how you can follow to check your Npower tech(hardware and software) pre-selection status is as easy as the word. All that you need to do like we earlier mentioned is to have your BVN with you and then follow the procedure given below. Okay, are you among the Npower tech applicants?


If your answer is yes, then follow our guideline below to check if you’ve been pre-selected for the next state of the Npower technology programme. Here’s how;

1. With your smartphone or personal computer, log on to

2. On performing the above task, a page shall display. Enter your BVN in the space provided and then hit the check status button.

When once you hit the check your status button, if you’ve been pre-selected, you’ll see a congratulatory message whereas if you’ve not been pre-selected, you’ll see a message like “you’ve not been pre-selected” in red colour right above the status checker bar.

Dear N-Power Tech (Software and Hardware) applicants, 
Please log in to with your BVN to check your pre-selection status. Software applicants, please note there is an extra step. 
Please follow the instructions carefully.

Next Steps To Take If Pre-selected For Npower Ng Tech(hardware and software)
If you’ve been pre-selected, congratulations. You’re now qualified to proceed to the next stage of the selection process. Bear in mind that pre-selection doesn’t that you’ve been selected for the programme. There are other stages you need to undergo before you can be deemed fit for final selection.

So follow the next things we’ll be sharing with you here with keen attention and as usual observe all instructions accordingly. The next steps you must follow to do what you’re expected to do as a pre-selected npowertech applicant is very simple and easy. You can get it done within some few minutes. Here’s how.

1. Logon to and enter your bvn and click on the check selection status to continue.

2. When you’ve been successfully logged in, you’ll need to answer assessment test questions. Note the period for submission of the assessment test question is within one week.

3. Thereafter, the npower team will send you an SMS which will enable you to proceed with your physical verification exercise.

Here’re some of the essential things you must go along with for your npowertech physical verification exercise. If you don’t have them handy at the moment do well to get read so that during the verification exercise period you won’t stress yourself much.

The documents we’ll list here will be updated subsequently. So just bookmark this page so that you can easily check back for the latest update on npower news. Here’re some of the documents you cannot do without during the npower tech physical verification exercise.

1. NYSC discharge certificate. Note that this mainly for those applicants that are done with their National Youth Service. OND and NCE applicants are not expected to worry themselves about this.
2. Your original or statement of result. This particular one is applicable to every beneficiary, whether HND, OND, NCE, BSC, B. ENG and so on and so forth.
3. Your National ID card
4. Your birth certificate or sworn affidavit
5. Your local government identification letter…and so on.

All successful applicants are to note that their physical verification exercise shall take place in their state of residence. This is to say that if you use your state of residence while filling the application form, everything about your programme will be in that your state of residence. Whereas those applicants that  use that state of origin, all their npower programme activities shall be in their various states of origins.

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