Learn How to Retweet Followed Tweets to Facebook

Looking for an article that best explains how to retweet followed tweets to Facebook

If yes, then in this post we’ve compiled the series of steps you need to follow and get it done on your own at the comfort of your phone or personal computer. 
Learn How to Retweet Followed Tweets to Facebook
To post Twitter tweets, as well as retweets, on your Facebook account, you need to link your Twitter account to your Facebook account.

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If you of your followers post a tweet, you can quickly share it on your Facebook timeline by clicking the “Retweet” link under the tweet on Twitter.

Linking the two accounts is a relatively simple task; you can unlink them later if you no longer want your tweets and retweets to appear on your Facebook timeline automatically.

i. Log in to your Twitter account, click the “Gear” icon and choose “Settings” from the menu to open the Account page.

ii. Click “Profile” in the navigation pane at the left, then click the “Connect to Facebook” button in the Facebook section of the right pane. A new Web browser window opens.

iii. Enter your Facebook email and password and click “Log In” to sign in to Facebook.

iv Click “Okay” to allow Twitter to access your public profile and friend list, then click “Okay” again to allow Twitter to post to your friends on your behalf.

The Web page closes automatically and your Facebook picture appears in the Facebook section of your Twitter account’s Profile page.

v. Ensure the “Post Retweets to Facebook” option is enabled in the “Allow Twitter To” section of the Profile page.

vi. Click “Save Changes” to save the changes. Whenever you click “Retweet” under a tweet, the retweet is posted on your Facebook timeline.

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