How to Send Photos From an iPhone to Facebook

Updated: How to Send Photos From an iPhone to Facebook. How to send photos to Facebook using iPhone has been explained in this post step by step.

So if you’re in dire need of the process for getting that done in your device, this article got you covered.

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Here’s how Facebook users can send pictures from an iPhone to Facebook. The Facebook iPhone application features integration with the iPhone operating system, enabling you to quickly send pictures from your stored photo collection or directly from the Camera app. 

How to Send Photos From an iPhone to Facebook

Pictures sent to Facebook from the iPhone post automatically to the “Mobile Uploads” gallery and to your Facebook wall.

1. Tap the “Facebook” icon on your iPhone home screen. If you do not have the Facebook app, it can be installed for free from the App Store. 
2. Log in to your Facebook account if the app is not already configured. 
3. Tap the “News Feed” icon from the main menu. If the news feed is already displayed, proceed to the next step. 
4. Tap the “Photo” button. 
5. Tap “Choose from gallery” to send a picture from your photo collection or “Capture a photo” to take a picture with the iPhone camera. 
6. Select the photo or take a picture and then type a caption and tap “Upload” to send the picture to Facebook.

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