INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook’s Changing Privacy Policy

Facebook’s new privacy policy – When it comes to personal data, Facebook is in a bit of a bind. The more information it can provide about its users to advertisers, the more it can monetize its user base and appease its stockholders. 

But, of course, the more private information it hands over, the more blowback it gets from users. 
INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook's Changing Privacy Policy
And Facebook’s complicated and ever-changing privacy settings don’t make things any better, either for users or for the site’s reputation. 
Seriously. Trying to adjust the privacy settings on Facebook is about as easy as trying to work the controls in an airplane cockpit. Actually, it’s worse, because every time you look away, someone moves a few buttons around. 
This infographic from suggests that many Facebook users don’t even know those privacy settings exist. Check out some of the risks Facebook is taking with your personal data – and some of the key mistakes they’ve made so far in handling it.

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