Npower Applicants: What Does ”Resign from Program” Mean?

If you’re a successful beneficiary of NpowerNg program, you’ll observe that recently there is a red button which was enabled on your dashboard with the encryption “resign from program“. 
Npower Applicants: What Does ''Resign from Program'' Mean?
This button has triggered a lot of confusions as many beneficiaries are still longing to know what that really means. 
Well, today, to resolve this issue the Npower team has come up to clear the air by stating clearly on its social media channels what the statement really stands for. According to the Npower team, all successful applicants are to note that “Resign from Program” button, is for those that wish to resign from the program. 
In view of that, all the concern persons are advised to take note of that and stay cool as the button is optional. See the statement as posted on the Npower team official social media channels below;
On your dashboard, many of you will have observed the “Resign from Program” button, it simply means that should you desire to resign from the programme, you can click on the button and follow the steps.

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