How to Change Facebook Password on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

Change Facebook Password on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini: What are the best ways to change a Facebook password on iPhone? 
In this post, we will see how to change a password using an iPhone on Facebook. As you already know, there is a countless number of Facebook users in the world. 
How to Change Facebook Password on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini
In as much as the Facebook team is providing protection, users are expected to be security conscious by changing their Facebook password once in a while to ensure security.

If you wish to change your FB password, keep in mind that you will need to remember your current password because it will be required of you.

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If you can’t remember your password, click on FORGOT PASSWORD… Facebook will send a password recovery details to your email or mobile number. Go to your email or phone to recover a forgotten password. Next, proceed to change your password.

How to Change Facebook Password on iPhone 
How do I change my Facebook password on iPhone? Follow the procedures below ;

i: Open the newest variation Facebook app on your iPhone

ii: Login to FB and follow next instruction

iii: Tap on More choice (right-bottom on the iPhone screen).

iv. Now tap on Settings.

v: You’ll get a popup, tap on Account Settings.

vi: Now, tap on General.

vii: Tap on Security and Login.

viii: Now enter your old password (the current password”), then enter your brand-new password which you wish to use. Next, Retype the New Facebook Password.

ix: Tap on Change Password button and little wait.

x: Now you’ll be seeing a screen saying “Logout of other devices?” If you wish to remain login on other devices then choose that alternative, otherwise opt for Stay visited and tap on continue.

xi. Finally, tap on Start.

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