How Do I Change My Name on Facebook?

How Do I Change Name on Facebook? Facebook undoubtedly is a great community and one of the requirement is the fact that you must use your name as used in real life. This change of name requirement is cool to an extent.

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The good thing is that Facebook has an option to modify your name once every 60 days. However, before your Facebook change of name is approved, it must follow the Facebook change of name guidelines.

How Do I Change My Name on Facebook?

How to Change Name on Facebook 
Click the upside-down triangle representing Facebook’s Options menu and choose “Settings” from the drop-down list.

From the General Account Settings page, select “Edit” beside your name. When ended up, enter your password and choose “Conserve Modifications.”.

Changing Facebook sign in Name 
Follow the steps below to change your name on Facebook:
– Click in the top right of your Facebook and select Settings
– Click Name
– Enter your name and click Review Change
– Enter your password and click Save Changes

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Once you hit on Save Changes, reload or refresh or click on your homepage to see the new Facebook name.

Please be careful of the name you choose because you will not be able to change your name until the next 60 days.
Limitations of changing Facebook name 
Apart from Facebook mandating users to use their true names, they also enforce other constraints when changing your name.
– You can not use signs, numbers or unusual capitalizations like “jOHn BrADSforD.”
– All characters need to remain in the same language e.g. You cannot mix Chinese with the English language.
– You can not utilize a label in the location of your middle name, nor can you use offending or suggestive language in your name.

Click here to see how you can go about reporting a problem with Facebook.

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