What’s the Deal With Hashtags on Facebook?

What’s the Deal With Hashtags on Facebook? Interestingly, this is a real question marketers ask themselves in 2015—do people still use hashtags on Facebook? 

For many moons, hashtags have been unequivocally associated with Twitter.

What’s the Deal With Hashtags on Facebook?

While people still have the ability to hashtag words or phrases on Facebook, it seems like almost a faux pas in the social media realm.

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And as a business, the last thing you want to do is seem out of touch with social media trends with your customers.

Hashtags 101: How They Work 
By now every marketer should know what a hashtag is or at least recognize it when seen on social media. Formally known as the pound key to many, hashtags are now used in social media posts to be clicked, which then directs you to a group of users discussing the same subject or using that hashtag. 

Hashtags have their own unique URL, which makes it easier to search what people are saying on social media about a specific subject, event or brand.

For marketers hashtags have been a gateway into trackable campaigns that allow people to directly see how others talk about your brand. If you’re still unsure about hashtags in marketing, try this fun game.

The next time you watch television that covers a major live event (the Oscars, the World Series, etc.), keep track of each time a hashtag is used–not only in commercials but during the event as well.

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Hashtags are literally everywhere and the social media marketing industry has quickly adopted the method to see overall brand engagement. Also, businesses now use hashtags to reach customers who may have questions, concerns or praise.

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