Learn How to Make a New “Dragon City” Account on Facebook

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Interestingly, in this post, you’ll see everything you need to know about dragon city and how to access the app step by step.

You’ll also see how to change the privacy settings of the dragon city game.

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Facebook’s Dragon City app allows you to raise your own pet dragons in an online fantasy world of magical islands. 
Learn How to Make a New "Dragon City" Account on Facebook
As you progress through the game, you can gain levels and collect more dragons by breeding your pets and hatching their eggs. 
Any Facebook user can make a new game account for free. Once you start playing, however, there’s no way to start over or begin a separate game. 
Each Facebook user is limited to one game account. 
– Log in to your Facebook account, and type “Dragon City” into the search bar. Select the result for “Dragon City” that has the word “Game” beneath it.

The app page for Dragon City appears. 

– Change the privacy setting if you want to limit who sees the promotional posts and achievement announcements that the app makes on your Timeline.

By default, everyone can see the posts, but you can set it to “Friends,” “Friends of Friends,” “Only Me” or even “Custom” if you want only certain friends to see the posts. 

– Click the “Play Game” button to add the app to your Facebook account and begin playing the game.

A tutorial guides you through the basic gameplay features.

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