How Can I Measure Facebook Fan Traffic?

How Can I Measure Facebook Fan Traffic? For those of us that want to know how to measure Facebook fan traffic, this post has been compiled exclusively for you and your friends. Creating a Facebook page for your business allows you to connect with customers and clients who make use of the social media giant. 
Using Insights, you can see which of your posts generated the most interest among your page’s followers, which is information you can use to create more engaging content for the page.

How Can I Measure Facebook Fan Traffic?

Attracting interest to your Facebook page generates traffic for your business website.

1. Log on to Facebook and click the name of your business page on the left side of the home screen in the “Pages and Ads” section.

2. Click the “See All” link next to “Insights” on the admin panel. If the “Insights” section is not visible click the “Show” button to expand the admin panel.

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3. Click the “Overview” tab for an overview of your Facebook page traffic. The graph shows your posts as well as the number of people talking about them and the total reach, which is the number of unique visitors who have seen content associated with your page.

4. Click the “Likes,” “Reach” and “Talking About This” links for further insights about your Facebook fans. The Demographics and Location” section on the Reach page identifies the countries, cities and languages as well as the gender of your fans.

The “Page Views” section shows you how many times your page was viewed daily as well as the number of unique people who viewed your page each day.

5. Click the “Export Data” button at the top of the page and select a file format. Enter the data range and then click the “Download” button to store the information locally on your computer.

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By comparing the statistics each month, you measure exactly how much your Facebook fan traffic is increasing or decreasing and can take appropriate measures if needed.

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