Learn How to Share a Song From Spotify on Facebook

How do I share a song from Spotify on Facebook was what a friend of mine asked me sometimes ago. Today, I’ve deemed it right to also share what I told that my friend here in this post so that as many of the persons that wish to share a song from Spotify on Facebook can follow our guide and get that done with ease.

Learn How to Share a Song From Spotify on Facebook

So looking for a guideline on how you can share a song from Spotify on Facebook? If yes, we got you cover. All that you need have been outlined in this post. Just follow the post with keen attention endeavouring to observe all the instructions given accordingly.

Alright, as a quick reminder, spotify makes it easy to share songs on social media platforms such as Facebook. For those of us that are not aware, let inform us that both free and paid Spotify subscriptions enable users to share tracks and playlists.

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Interestingly, with a paid Spotify subscription, you can organize and manage your music collection across devices — for example, you can create a playlist on your computer, and then use the playlist on your mobile device. You can even save the playlist to play offline when you don’t have access to the Internet. Here’re the steps you can follow to share songs from Spotify on Facebook;

i. Open Spotify and navigate to the song to share.

ii. Click the “Share” icon on the left side of the song. The Share menu opens.

iii. Click the “Send To…” option to open the Send To dialog box.

iv. Type the Facebook username of the recipient. You can also type the recipient’s Spotify username. 

v. Type a message in the message box, if desired.

vi. Click the “Send” option to share the song with your Facebook friend.

Before you proceed with our guide, bear in mind that you can also send the URL to a Spotify song, artist, album or playlist to a recipient in a text message or email. Right-click on the entry, click “Copy HTTP Link” from the context menu, and then paste the link into a message to send to your friends.

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