How to cancel all friend request on Facebook

How to cancel all friend request on Facebook: If you mistakely sent a friend request to someone on Facebook and want to cancel it but don’t know how, here’s an article that will guide.

As you already know, Facebook is a popular social networking site which allows you and other users to send friend requests to others and as a matter of accept friend request from the sender. 

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If there are no friends and friend requests then there would be no Facebook. 
How to cancel all friend request on Facebook
How To Cancel All Sent Friend Requests On Facebook
Follow the instructions outlined below to completely cancel all your sent friend requests on Facebook:

– First, Login to your Facebook account.

– On the top of your Facebook page, click on the friend icon.

– At the bottom of the screen, click on view all

– At the top, click on View Sent Requests

– Now, you’ve seen all sent requests – – by the side of each profile you will see “Friend request sent”. Tap or click on it. You will the option to cancel friend request. Click on it!

– Click on Cancel Request to cancel Facebook friend request.

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How to delete a friend request 
A friend request that you’ve received is a pending request until you accept or delete it. If you delete a friend request, the person who sent you the request won’t be notified. You can prevent that person from sending you another friend request by blocking them.

– To delete a friend request:

– Go to

– Click Delete Request

Note: If you’ve reached 1,000 pending friend requests, you won’t get any new requests.

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