How to Choose Who See What You Post on Facebook

When I post something on Facebook, how do I choose who can see it? Facebook (“FB” for short) is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. Facebook is the largest social networking service on the internet with over 1.4 billion active users; is broadcasting. 
How to Choose Who See What You Post on Facebook — The Belmadeng team is providing answers to questions that Facebook users are having with their account. In today’s Q&A, a Facebook user wants to know how she can choose who sees what she posted on Facebook.

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Well, if you’re among the over 1.4 billion Facebook users and also looking for tips on how you can choose who see what you share  on Facebook, this guide will help you straight up. 
How to Choose Who See What You Post on Facebook
Facebook allows its users to decide who can see the stuff they share on the giant social media site. The procedure on how you can get that done is what we’ll be sharing with you in this article. So follow the instructions accordingly.

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First, you need to log in to your Facebook account.

On your Facbook homepage, you’ll see an audience selector tool most places you share status updates, photos and other things you post. Click the tool and select who you want to share something with.

How to Choose Who See What You Post on Facebook

The tool remembers the audience you shared with the last time you posted something and uses the same audience when you share again unless you change it.

A typical example is, if you select public for a post, your next post will also be public unless you change the audience when you post. This one tool appears in multiple places, such as your privacy shortcuts and privacy settings. When you make a change to the audience selector tool in one place, the change updates the tool everywhere it appears.

The audience selector also appears alongside things you’ve already shared, so it’s clear who can see each post. After you’ve shared a post, you have the option to change who it’s shared with. If you want to change the audience of a post after you’ve shared it, click the audience selector and select a new audience.

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Bear in mind that when you post to another person’s timeline, that person controls what audience can view the post. Additionally, anyone who gets tagged in a post may see it, along with their friends.

How to Choose Who See What You Post on Facebook

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