How to Create An Awesome Facebook Account

Looking for a guide on how to create an awesome Facebook account?

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O yea, before you proceed to create a Facebook account, there are certain things that you must do… Some of the important requirements for opening an FB account are as listed below:

How to Create An Awesome Facebook Account

i. You must have a valid email address or phone number (This is going to be a part of your FB profile).

ii. You must create a unique and strong password.

iii. Consider taking a clean shot of yourself — so you’ll be easily identified by your friends, etc.

If you are fed up with your current account, you can learn how to delete old Facebook account and follow these tips in this article to create a new account ASAP.

And, if you don’t want to delete your Facebook account permanently, you can deactivate it — see how to deactivate Facebook account temporarily here.

Facebook is a fun place to socialize, build good relationship and promote businesses but you must learn how to make your FB awesome to attract friends as well as customers.

Creating an awesome FB account will require that you have a strong password, turning off unnecessary Facebook friends notification and updates as well as designing a great Facebook cover photo to make your Facebook profile stunning and inviting.

Great cover photo will attract high number of fan followings — it also improves your positive self image, self assurance and your inner strengths on the social media platform.

Before Creating a Facebook Account 
Let’s look at some basic FAQ’s you should know before signing up for a Facebook account.

Is it true that you’ll be charged for using Facebook and how much will it cost? 
Facebook has made it very clear that their services are totally free and will never require you to pay any money to continue using the it.

But you have the option to make purchases e.g. games, apps and other items. In addition, if you choose to use Facebook from your mobile phone, keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for any fees associated with internet usage and/or text messaging as determined by your mobile carrier.

Is it possible to create a joint Facebook account or share an account with someone else? Facebook does not permit you to create a joint account. You can only create one account per email address or phone number.

Since each account belongs to one person, it is required that you use your real name as you use in real life. This way, you always know who you’re connecting with.

Can I create multiple Facebook accounts? 
Facebook is a community where people use their authentic identities so they frown at users signing up for multiple accounts… Hint: It’s better to maintain one awesome personal account.

If you ever want to create an account for your business, organization, brand or product on Facebook, you can simply create a Facebook Page to manage it. But have it in mind that your personal FB profile is for non-commercial purpose and should represent you.

If you’re using a personal profile to represent something other than yourself, you should consider converting it to a page. For models and public figures, there is an option for you to allow followings. For users operating more than 1 Facebook profile, you can merge them to one central account and add your (maiden name, nickname, former name, etc) to the main Facebook account.

Why am I receiving email invites from friends? 
You received this email because a friend invited you to join. When people upload their contacts to FB, they can send invites to those contacts. If you don’t want to get invites from your friends, you can use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

If you already have an account, your friend may have used an email of yours that isn’t linked to your FB account. You can add this email to your existing account to make sure that you don’t get invites sent to that particular email again. If you don’t have a Facebook account and want to create one, you can use your email to create an account by following the instructions below.

How to create a Facebook account 
In order to create an account on FB, you will need to follow the steps highlighted below:
– Go to

– Enter your correct name, valid email address or mobile phone number, password, date of birth and your gender.

– Click on the Sign Up button.

– To finish creating your FB account, you’ll need to confirm your email or mobile phone number.

If you already have an FB account, you can log into your account.

If you are more of a mobile user, consider downloading Facebook Lite for free to browse faster with low data charges by your mobile carrier.

Note: you must be at least 13 years old to create an account.

How to make your Facebook password strong 
When you create a new FB password, make sure that it’s at least 6 characters long. Try to use a complex combination of numbers, letters and punctuation marks. If you see a message letting you know the password you entered isn’t strong enough, try mixing together uppercase and lowercase letters.

You can also make the password more complex by making it longer with a phrase or series of words that you can easily remember, but no one else knows. Keep in mind that your password should also be different from the passwords you use to log into other accounts, like your email or bank account.
Final Note:
Facebook is a great place to find old school mates, friends, family and business opportunities but you must first learn how to make your Facebook awesome to attract friends as well as potential business customers.

So, what are you waiting for?

Create that awesome Facebook account, connect with old and long lost friends as well as new friends who in the long run could be beneficial and advantageous to your life and business — you never know who is going to be a stepping stone to that business of yours!

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