How to Create A New Facebook Account – 2020

How to Create A New Facebook Account: I just updated this post on how to create account on Facebook. 

Interestingly, this post consists of the complete step by step guide on how to sign up a facebook account without stress.

So if you’re an eCommerce business owner and want to figure out how to sell things on facebook, here is a facebook post that teaches how to create facebook account fast and easy.

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Create a new Facebook account: With over 1.4 Billion users worldwide, Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social networking platform in the world.

It not only allows people to share highlights from their day to day lives but also permits people to send Facebook messages to communicate with each other.

The following article takes you through the minute details on how to a new Facebook account with ease 2018.

How to Create A New Facebook Account - 2018
So, if you don’t have an account on Facebook, and you now want to have one, this article has all it takes to lead you through the process.

Before you proceed further, bear it in mind that the procedure is easy and that the account creation itself is free of charge.

Just follow our guide below to create a new Facebook account now.

How to create a new Facebook account 
To create an account on Facebook, do the following;
1. With your personal computer, enter into your browser

2. A page shall display with a dialog asking you to create a new account if you don’t have one already

3. Enter in the details as required and choose a password that you can easily remember.

4. Finally, hit the signup button and your account is now ready to use.

You’re now among the over 1.4 Billion Facebook users. Try setting up your account and start interacting and sharing your life experiences with your family and friends. 
How to create a new Facebook account using smartphones
If you want to use a smartphone to signup a new Facebook account, I think it’ll be helpful if I delve into the process in details.

The reason is that if you want to use a Facebook app installed in your phone to carry out the exercise, you need to learn how to get that done and here are the steps you can follow.

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Let’s get started…First, search for the Facebook logo in your smartphone or click settings, navigate to the Facebook logo and then click create a new account.

See a screenshot below for further explanation.

How to Create A New Facebook Account - 2018
Enter your information accordingly. Note: while signing up a Facebook account, endeavour to use an email that you can have access to because you’ll be receiving information regarding your Facebook account via the email.

Also, choose a name that people can easily identify you with. In fact, Facebook advises you use your name. Finally, choose a Facebook that you can always remember easily at any given time.

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The next thing is that you will need to launch the app. Launching the app will enable you to have full control over your Facebook account.

To do that, click the install button, download and then install the official app.

Once you downloaded and installed successfully, you can then go to the app and enter your username and password to login your Facebook account.

See  a screenshot below;

How to Create A New Facebook Account - 2018
Now that you can access your Facebook account, its time to set up or update your contact details. Before you proceed with that, you can head to the settings and choose to select allow these apps to utilize your account, turn on or off the virtual switches associated with specific apps.

A typical example is that your calendar and contacts apps can sync with your Facebook account if you permit them.

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Having done that, you can proceed to update your personal information to Facebook. Follow me…to update your data, click on the update my contacts button to continue.

When you do that, information like your date of birth, profile photo and others will be required of you. Enter them accordingly.

How to Create A New Facebook Account - 2018

When you are done updating your personal information on Facebook, you can then begin enjoying Facebook.

You can start chatting with your family and friends. You’ll also need to send friend’s request to people you may want to be your Facebook friends.

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When you that, they at their own end will then accept your request and you can start posting on their timelines, tag, poke them and do many other things.

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