How to Delete Facebook Group | FB Guide

Looking for a comprehensive guide on how you can delete your Facebook group? 
Better still, have you created a Facebook group and no longer need it to be active? 
Do you want to know how to delete a Facebook group? 
If your answers are yes, then we got you covered. Reason being that, this article set out to show you how to delete a Facebook group. The procedure for creating a Facebook group is as simple as the word.

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However, when it comes to deleting a Facebook group that has some nice number of members, it isn’t simple because you’ll have to go through series of steps to completely delete a Facebook group.

Please keep in mind that you need to be the admin of the Facebook group to delete it. 

Now let’s come back to the point. 
How can you remove/or delete a Facebook group? We’ll show you how to easily delete a Facebook group in six easy and simple steps:

STEP 1: Login to Facebook and go to the group which you might want to delete.

STEP 2: On the right-hand side of the page, locate the “Members area” and click on that. It will bring out a list of all your group members.

STEP 3: Select each member and click on the gear icon.

STEP 4: Choose “remove from group” and start removing each group member. For each member, click on the cog under the member’s name and click Remove from Group.

Note that this is where you can make them an Admin instead. Afterwards, you will get a pop up message asking you to confirm the removal of the member:

How to Delete Facebook Group | FB Guide

STEP 5: Once you’re done, simply remove yourself as well from the group member list.

STEP 6: Congrats, your Facebook group will get deleted now.

NOTE: When you remove yourself, you will get this confirmation message:

How to Delete Facebook Group | FB Guide

This is the error message you get either when you’re leaving the group or you’re the last person to leave – choose ‘Leave Group’.

The group should now disappear. If it doesn’t, your best option is to contact Facebook.

Click on the arrow marked here:

How to Delete Facebook Group | FB Guide

and select ‘Report a Problem’ from the drop down menu.

Note: If you have a thousand plus member in a Group you wish to delete, contact Facebook to delete your Group.

Warning: Please don’t mind those telling you to copy and paste some scripts to delete Facebook Group. Some scripts are actually very harmful and may expose your Facebook account to criminals. 

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