How Can You Double Your Likes on Facebook?

Recently, a friend of mine asked me; how do I double my likes on Facebook? Well, my answer to that question was simple and straight to the point. Here, I’ve taken the time to explain how you can double your likes on Facebook.

Okay….let’s get started….Though it’s impossible to predict how to precisely double your “Likes” on a Facebook fan or group page, it’s a relatively simple process to significantly increase the “Likes” of your page through clever marketing.

How Can You Double Your Likes on Facebook?

Increasing the readership to your page is especially useful if you are maintaining a Facebook page for your business. 

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The more people “Like” your page on Facebook, the more people are thinking about your business, which can lead to increased profitability. 

i. Provide an incentive for people to “Like” your Facebook page by advertising a contest on your website, Facebook page and in email mailing lists to customers.

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How Can You Double Your Likes On Facebook?
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For example, offer a free product to a random winner each week. All the Facebook user must do is “Like” your page, and his name will be entered weekly for a prize.

ii. Build Facebook ads to help direct people to your page. Facebook ads are quick to design, and give you the ability to place them on pages relevant to your page. If you’re a business in a city, for example, you can ensure your Facebook ads appear on pages related to your city.

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iii. Link your Twitter page with your Facebook page to promote your Facebook page through another social media platform.

Linking the two accounts together means that every time you update your Facebook page, your Twitter account will automatically make a Tweet to that effect. As a result, your Twitter followers might click on the link to visit your Facebook page and “Like” it.

iv. Add new content to your Facebook page as often as possible. You should post new content daily at a minimum. When you post new content regularly, you increase the chances of your followers clicking “Like” on the content.

When a follower does so, the “Like” will appear in his News Feed, giving his friends a chance to be exposed to your page.

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v. Encourage fan interaction by requesting that those who “Like” your page submit user photos, write on the wall and ask their friends to visit your page.

The more people who are adding to your page, the more people you’ll have taking ownership over your page and helping you promote it.

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