How to change your last name on Facebook

How do you change your last name on Facebook? So you want to change your last name on Facebook and you don’t know how to go about modifying your name? 
Well, changing your last name on Facebook is pretty easy. Anyone can change his or her last name. Before now, I have written on how to change name on Facebook but I thought of handling this separately so I can also explain why some people change their names legally.

How to change your last name on Facebook

How to change your last name on Facebook
We’ll guide you through the steps to resolve change your last name on Facebook. To change your name on Facebook:
– Review Facebook name standards
– Click in the top right of Facebook and select Settings
– Click Name
– Enter your name and click Review Change
– Enter your password and click Save Changes

Reasons why you may want to change your name on Facebook 
Below are the most popular reasons why people changes their name in real life as well as on Facebook.

They dislike their current Facebook name 
If you do not like your current Facebook account name, you can file for a change of name by following the procedures highlighted above.

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Couples Combining or Hyphenating Surnames to Form a New One 
Another popular trend with married or cohabitating couples is the creation of a new surname using parts of each partner’s name or simply hyphenating the two last names for a brand new joint surname.
Again, some states permit the combining or hyphenation of married couples’ surnames.

Desire for a Less or More “Ethnic” Name 
People with names that are identifiably “ethnic” sometimes request name changes for various reasons, including ease of pronunciation and spelling; on the other hand, some individuals would like to reclaim their ethnic heritage by returning to a surname that may have been lost over the years or by the adoption of a new one.

Changing Name Following Divorce 
Women who are no longer married to a man may also wish to change their last name to their parents name or whatever name they choose.

Religious Reasons 
Whether it’s because of a recent religious conversion or simply to honor a person’s religious deity, name changes for religious reasons are quite common. Some Christians may want to switch name on Facebook to reflect their baptismal name.

Same-Sex Partners Sharing Surname 
Although same-sex partners may not be allowed to legally marry in all states, they can choose to share a surname, which can be particularly convenient in financial or legal transactions.

Political Statement 
Although some may consider it extreme to change your name to support a cause, name changes for political reasons are not unheard of. There you go.. What’s your reason of changing your last name on Facebook?

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