How to View And Block All Companies Tracking You On Facebook

Here is an updated post on How to View And Block All Companies Tracking You On Facebook

In this post, you’ll see the steps you need to block apps as well as companies that are tracking you on facebook.

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Block all companies tracking you on Facebook: Here is an article that sets out to show you how you can see all companies tracking you on Facebook as well as ways you can go about blocking them.

When you download or sign up for an app or website using your Facebook login, you’re actually giving those companies a direct look into your Facebook profile and some of your personal data.

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That can often include your email address and phone number, but frequently also your current location.

If you’re worried about your privacy, you can do two things: 
1. Opt-out of ad tracking and — and this is sometimes rather alarming if you haven’t done it in a while.

2. Look up the list of app companies that are logged in to your Facebook account.

How To View Apps That Are Logged In To Your Facebook Account
If you want to know the list of apps that are logged in to your Facebook account, follow the few steps given below to do so.

Listed below is the summary of the various steps you’re expected to follow to access all the apps that have links with your Facebook are as follows;
1. Login your account
2. Go to Settings
3. Click Apps
4. Select Apps you use
5. Click Show All Apps
6. Hit Edit/delete button

We’ve explained the whole process with a screenshot here for a clearer understanding of the concept. Follow it accordingly.

1. Okay…to see the apps that logged in to your Facebook account, if you’ve logged in to your account, click on the triangular-shaped icon, scroll down and then click settings.

How to View And Block All Companies Tracking You On Facebook

2. A new page shall display when you perform step one above. On that page, scroll down the options on the left column and select apps and websites.

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3. All the apps and websites that have logged in to your account will be displayed. To delete them, click on the “X” button that is directly opposite the apps and websites concern. Doing that will aid you to have control over those apps and websites.

How to View And Block All Companies Tracking You On Facebook

Deleting those apps and websites simply means that they will longer have access to your Facebook account.

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