How to measure Facebook Page fan growth and engagement

How do I measure Facebook Page fan growth and engagement? Was one of the most frequently asked questions among Facebook users. 

Well, here we’ll be showing you how you can hover on Facebook to measure Facebook page fan growth and engagement.

How to measure Facebook Page fan growth and engagement

Facebook Insights lets you view metrics on fan growth, fan demographics, and how those fans engage with your Page. See How to Remove Someone Who Likes Your Facebook Page.

This is your No. 1 tool to get the most bang from your efforts on Facebook. Questions you can answer with Facebook Insights:

– How fast is my fan base growing?

– Where and when are the growth spurts?

– Why are people “unliking” my Page?

– What are the demographics of my fans?

– Do they share photos more than videos?

– What content strategies and tactics are most effective?

– Which websites send the most traffic to my Page?

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