2017 Npower Selected Applicants to Soon Reap The Fruits Of Their Long Standing Patients

Npower Nigeria to soon deploy 2017 selected applicants and start payment of stipends: If you’re among the pre-selected 2017 Npower applicants I guess soon you shall start smiling to your bank as Npower team is set to deploy the concerned persons and kick-start the payment process. 
For those of us that are not aware, let me quickly inform us that the deployment of the qualified persons will take play this month i.e July 2018. Once that is done, all the concern persons shall start receiving their stipends.
2017 Npower Selected Applicants to Soon Reap The Fruits Of Their Long Standing Patients
Important note: it has been rightly revealed that some of the selected 2017 Npower applicants are yet to get themselves registered on the scheme official portal which will enable them to be eligible for their payment and device collection.

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To avoid this, all the persons in this category are advised to logon the Npower NPVN portal and follow the onscreen instructions and get themselves onboard via the portal to avoid issues. 
Having outlined that, let me quickly say here that as regard to the deployment of the 2017 selected applicants to their various places of primary assignment, PPA the Npower team has made it known publicly that all the selected applicants will soon reap the fruits of their long-standing patients.

In view of this, individuals concern are employed to exercise a little more patience as all hands are on desk toward seeing the successful procession of the programme.

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