Learn How to Quit Facebook & Delete Your Profile

Here’s a concise guideline on how you can quit or deactivate Facebook and delete your profile once and for all. For those of us that want to know, let quickly stress here that Facebook is one of the largest social networking websites on the Internet, with over 600 million users worldwide.

Learn How to Quit Facebook & Delete Your Profile

The platform allows you to create a personal profile and interact with friends through comments, messages, photos and videos. Some individuals find that Facebook takes up too much of their personal time.

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When you deactivate your Facebook account, your profile and personal information no longer appear on the platform.

– Notify your Facebook friends that you are quitting Facebook and deleting your profile. Give your friends time to establish other methods of contacting you, such as email or instant messaging.

– Download and save any Facebook data or information that you wish to keep.

– Click “Account” in the top right-hand corner of your Facebook page. Click “Account Settings.”

– Select the “Settings” tab.” Scroll down and click “Deactivate.”

– Answer the questions in the dialog box that appears regarding why you want to quit Facebook. Click “Confirm” to deactivate your Facebook profile and quit Facebook.

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