How to Tag Friends on Facebook | Posts & Photos

Facebook tag: On completion of the post “Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily” with my friends, we decided to share it on Facebook and tag friends so they can read and share with others. 

One of us quickly asked how do I tag friends on Facebook

It was funny because I assumed everyone should know how to tag friends without seeking assistance. 

Hence, the reason for this post.

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Add tags to share more about the people in your posts.
Add tags to share more about the people, places and things in your posts. In order to tag your friends in a post.
1. Type the post

2. Quickly locate and click on an icon that has the plus sign (+) with a human-like icon

That’s all.

How to Tag Friends on Facebook | Posts & Photos

Tag people in your posts 
Add tags to anything you post, including photos and updates. Tags can point to your friends or anyone else on Facebook. Adding a tag creates a link that people can follow to learn more.

Tell people about stuff they’re in 
Adding tags can let people know when they’re in photos or other things you share. People you tag can receive a notification so they can see your post. The post may also go on the person’s profile and appear in their friends’ news feeds.

Help tag things other people missed 
You can tag other people’s photos and posts to help them add details. Your name appears with the tag, so it’s always clear where it came from.

Removing and Reporting Tags
If you don’t like a tag that someone adds, you have many options:
i. Hide it from your timeline.
Your timeline represents who you are, so you control what appears on it. You can even update your privacy settings to review things you’re tagged in before they go on your timeline.

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ii. Remove the tag or report the post.
You can easily: Remove the tag. The post will still be on Facebook, but it will no longer link to your profile. Report a post on Facebook. If the post is abusive, it will be removed. Send the owner of the post a message, asking to remove the post from Facebook. Block the owner of the post. That person will no longer be able to tag you in posts.

Facebook now lets you tag non-friends in comments 
A new feature available on Facebook profiles now lets profile owners tag non-friends in the comments threads of their public posts. This comes in response to the recently revealed Subscribe button, a feature meant to eliminate the desire for any other social network.

For those familiar with the friend-tagging text feature in comments and posts, it was previously impossible to tag users who you hadn’t friended back on the service, a minor but notable annoyance.

Now with the platform’s move towards asymmetrical social networking — similar to platforms like Google+ or Twitter where one does not need to approve a friend in order to share content with them — this step is only a natural progression.

Tagging another Facebook user in your response will alert them via notifications that they’ve been pinged, calling better attention to your comment and helping to cultivate better dialog.

You can easily tag another user by either simply typing in their name — the system should automatically recognize users beginning with the letters you type — or by preceding their name with the “@” symbol.

You tell me: How often do you tag your friends in comments or in posts on Facebook? Now that you can tag non-friends as well, will you be using this feature more often? Weigh in below.

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