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Looking for a guide on how to unblock a blocked Facebook friend? If yes, here’s an article that explains in-depth the procedure you need to follow and get that done with ease. When you block someone on Facebook, the blocked person will not be able to view posts made by you, post on your wall, and cannot send you a friend request.

How To Unblock A Blocked Facebook Friend

This is a two-way restriction which means that even you will not be able to view the posts made by him/her, post on his/her timeline, and you cannot send him/her friend request.

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Also, if the person is on your friends list, as soon as you block the user, he/she is automatically removed from your friends list.Before you proceed, you might to checkout how to:

If you have blocked a person unintentionally, or if you two have made peace with each other, you can unblock the blocked user on your profile by following the steps described below:

How To Unblock A Blocked Facebook Friend On Web Browser 
i. Open

ii. On the Facebook’s welcome screen, login with your details.

iii. On the homepage of your account, click on the gear symbol present at the top right corner of the page.

iv. From the drop-down that appears, select ‘Settings’.

1. On the General Account Settings page that opens up, click the ‘Blocking’ category from the left panel.

2. On the ‘Manage Blocking page’, under the Block users section, click the Unblock option representing the name of the person that you wish to unlock from the blocking list.

3. On the confirmation box that appears, click the Confirm button to unblock the selected user.

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Now in order to get reconnected with the unblock user, either of you needs to send a friend request to the other. Once the friend request is accepted, you guys can then start interacting with each other as all the restrictions would be removed from your Facebook accounts.

Unblock A Blocked Facebook Friend Using Facebook App 
Here’re the steps you can follow to ublock a blocked Facebook friend using Facebook app. Follow the steps according;

1. Open your Facebook app.

How To Unblock A Blocked Facebook Friend

2. Go to Facebook privacy shortcuts.

How To Unblock A Blocked Facebook Friend

3. Click on “How do I stop someone from bothering me?”.

How To Unblock A Blocked Facebook Friend

4. Click on blocked Users.

How To Unblock A Blocked Facebook Friend

5. A list of all your blocked Facebook friends will pop up.  Select the friend you want to unblock.

How To Unblock A Blocked Facebook Friend

6. Successful Notification that your Friend has been Unblocked

How To Unblock A Blocked Facebook Friend

You will get a notification that your Facebook friend has been Unblocked. As easy as that! So go ahead, unblock those friends you want to connect with again and enjoy all the fun Facebook has to offer.

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