How Do I View (And Clear) My Facebook Search History?

Here is an updated Facebook post on How Do I View (And Clear) My Facebook Search History?

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How to clear everything you search for on Facebook: One of the interesting aspects of Facebook is that whenever its users search for something on the platform, the history of all what they actually searched for is normally stored in a particular section known as the Facebook Activity Log
The advantage of the Activity Log is that it enables Facebook users to have a track record of what they might have been doing previously on the platform.

However, if you happened to use a public computer, people can easily have access to all that have been doing if you’ve not taken the time to clear them off. 

I believe you won’t want people to have access to your privacy hence the need to erase your Facebook search history which is what this post sets out to tackle.

Here, we’ll show you how you can view your Facebook searched histories as well as how to get them erased off the platform.

How to view and clear Facebook search history
1. To view and possibly erase your Facebook search history, you must first of all be logged into your Facebook account. 
On your homepage, click the triangular-shaped icon at the top right-hand corner of your Facebook homepage, scroll down the drop-down menu and then select Activity Log.

See a screenshot below for further clarification.

2. On the page that displays, scroll down the list of the options on the left-hand side and you’ll see “search history”.

Select the search history option. 

How Do I View (And Clear) My Facebook Search History?
3. On performing step two above, you’ll be taken to the main page which contains all that you’ve searched for on Facebook.

On that page, if you want to erase them, you can choose to do that one after the other by clicking on the small circular button that is directly opposite each of them. 

Consequently, you can choose to clear off the search histories at once by clicking on the “clear searches” option at the top right-hand corner of the page.

Whichever one you choose to use will still lead to the history been cleared off although one takes time more than the other.

How Do I View (And Clear) My Facebook Search History?
4. Done! 
You have successfully cleared off all of your search histories on Facebook. Thank you for reading this post to this point. 
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