How to unblock someone on Facebook Messenger


This post will outline to you how to unblock someone you’ve blocked from accessing your

Messenger account. This post has been updated to suit the latest 2019 Facebook Messenger feature


Facebook recommends you block people that makes you feel uncomfortable in one way or the other

while on the website. However, people do sometimes mistakenly blocked friends which they never

intended to have blocked. Conversely, people that may have blocked their friends on Facebook

Messenger for reasons best known to them may want to unblock them after they might have resolved

their differences or come to terms.

If either of the above is the case with you, that is whether you intentionally or mistakenly blocked

someone on Facebook Messenger, the good news is that you can unblock the person.

In this post, I’ll show you the easy step-by-step guidelines you need to follow to unblock someone in

Facebook Messenger. I will also show you how you can block messages from someone in Facebook

Messenger if the need be. I guess this is necessary so that those that would want to use the guide in

the near future can know how to go about it.

 How to block Messages from people on Facebook Messenger

 For those that may want to know what blocking means, let me inform us that when you block people

on Facebook Messenger, they’ll no longer be able to contact you. Blocking messages from people

will stop them from doing things like sending you messages, call.

To block messages from someone:

1. You’ll need to open the conversation with the person you want to block in Messenger. 

2. Next, tap How do I unblock someone on Facebook Messenger?

3. Scroll down, and then tap Block.

4. Finally, tap Block all messages.

 How to Unblock People on Facebook Messenger

As earlier stated, if you’ve blocked messages from someone in Messenger, you can unblock them later.

To unblock someone in Facebook Messenger, do the following:

 1. Form How do I unblock someone on Facebook Messenger?Home, tap your profile picture in the top right corner

 2. Scroll down and tap People

 3. Tap Blocked people

 4. Tap Unblock next to the name of the person you want to unblock

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