Facebook Dating Not Showing Up 2021/2022 – How Do I Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing?

In today’s post, we are going to be considering how to go about Facebook Dating Not Showing Up. Thus, if you are here because you want to figure out – How to Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing, this article has gotten you covered.

Thus, if you are among the numerous Facebook users and searching for a tutorial on getting dating on Facebook app, this article has gotten you covered. Continue reading below and please don’t forget to share it with your friends and loved ones.

Facebook Dating Not Showing Up

You are familiar with Facebook and probably have a Facebook profile. What then is Facebook dating? Facebook dating is a space on Facebook that matches you with people, you share common interests with exempting your friend circle on Facebook.

With the groups and events you sign up to, Facebook already has a fair idea of your interest and links you with people of common interest.

In terms of privacy, your Facebook dating profile will not be shared with anyone outside the Dating app or using the dating feature.

How to Set Up Your Facebook Dating Profile

No, you done don’t need to download a new app to set up your profile. All you need is within Facebook. Facebook dating lives as a tab on Facebook – located at the main menu for mobile devices.

When setting up your profile, you will be asked to specify your gender and the genders you are interested in. More so, you can express interest in all genders.

Next, you can fill up your details like heights, religion, etc.; Facebook also provides icebreaker questions. Lastly, you can complete your profile with 9 pictures.

Once your profile is completed, you are being matched with people who share common interests based on your interest and preferences on Facebook.

Why Facebook Dating is Not Showing Up

There are a couple of reasons why the Facebook dating app might not be showing up. Below are a few reasons to check for if you can see the Facebook dating feature or app when you log in to Facebook.

Facebook Dating Not Available in your Country

Facebook Dating was recently launched in over 50 countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, the United States, Uruguay, and Vietnam with a plan of expanding to other countries.

If you are not in any of these countries listed above, Then Facebook Dating is not available in your country. Exercise a little patience; there are plans to roll it out to other regions soon.

Not up to Age

Facebook dating is only available to persons over 18. Remember that some of your Facebook details are used in setting up the account. So, if your Facebook profile says you are less than 18, the option is closed to you.

If you probably made a mistake when setting up your Facebook profile and input the wrong date of birth, this can easily be rectified.

Click your profile picture, Click About and then click Contact and Basic Info on the left menu. Please scroll down to your birth date and change it to the correct date, then save it. After the change, you should be able to access the service.

Other reasons why your Facebook Dating App is not Showing up


Facebook app – keeping your app update is not just a requirement but the best way to enjoy all the new features an app added.

Poor internet connection –There is nothing more frustrating than a slow connection. It can halt down the functionality of the Facebook dating app.

Disabled Facebook notification –If your notification is disabled, it might contribute to why the Facebook Dating app is not showing up.

Facebook is down –Although a very few times is this likely to be the problem. But you can check to see if there is no general Facebook dating functional bridge.

How to Fix It When Facebook Dating Not Showing Up on Facebook App

Provided Facebook dating is available in your country, and you are above 18 years, and the tab should show on your Facebook. When it doesn’t, that simply means you will have to take further steps to fix the problem.

Many factors could account for this, such as poor network connection, an outdated Facebook app, etc. This post will center on fixing up the problem before contacting Facebook Help Center for further assistance.

Facebook Dating Not Available in your Country

The Facebook Dating Feature is only available to the most updated Facebook version: you are likely using an outdated Facebook app.

It’s no secret that most applications and software roll out new updates timely to either fix a problem or include new features. To fix this, you can either set your phone on automatic update. What this means is the apps will update once there is a new version without your permission.

You can also update your Facebook app through the play store if you are using an android phone or apple store for iPhones.

Poor Internet Connectivity

Poor internet connection could also account for why Facebook Dating Feature is not showing on your Facebook.

If your phone is connected to the internet through Wi-Fi, you should check your modem and router if everything is alright. You can also pull the plug on both your modem and router to restart.

Suppose your phone is connected to the internet vial with a mobile internet connection. In that case, you may have run out of data or maybe, the internet connection is down in your region.

To rule out this possibility, ensure you have enough in your data plan and also test the internet connection in your phone.

Facebook Generally Out of Service

Maybe Facebook is down. This is not outside the realm of possibility. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., are known to go out of service at one point or the other.

If other users are experiencing similar problems, it means that Facebook is down. If that is the case, you will have to exercise a little patience until service is restored

Clear your Facebook App Cache

Sometimes this cache may get corrupted and prevent an application from running properly.

To clear the Facebook cache, go to file manager on your phone, scroll through the application, click on Facebook, and clear out the cache.

Remove Facebook App & Install It Again

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook app on your phone is one way to get the most updated Facebook app version. This method will also resolve any difficulties your Facebook app is having.

Turn on Facebook Notification

Sometimes due to the incessant notifications we get from various applications on our phones, we turn off post notifications.

If the Facebook Dating feature is not showing up on your Facebook, maybe it’s time to turn on the post notification messages for Facebook. Go to your phone setting to rectify this.

Contact Facebook help Service Center

After all, is said and done; if your country is eligible and you are up to 18 years still with the above methods, you can’t resolve the issues. You are left with the option to contact the Facebook dating feature support center.

Final Thought

If all the steps listed out in this post don’t work out, it’s time to seek further assistance. Tap the Facebook Help Center to be transferred to a customer care representative.

Remember that the Facebook Dating feature is not available in all countries and not open to users below 18.

Overall, the Facebook Dating Feature is quite commendable. It helps people find meaningful relationships through things they have in common, like interests, events, and groups.

That is it on Facebook Dating Not Showing Up 2021/2022 – How Do I Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing? I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share!!!

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