Facebook marketplace – All About It

Facebook marketplace – All About It: This post teaches all about the Facebook marketplace. So if you’re looking for an article that explains Facebook marketplace in clear terms, this article got you covered.
The question is – what do you need to know about the Facebook marketplace? Well, there are lots of things you need to know about the Facebook marketplace. All about the Facebook marketplace is right here, so don’t stop reading this article.

Facebook marketplace - All About It

There are lots of users on the Facebook platform that does not have any idea about this feature, well that is why am here to give a piece of knowledge about it and how you can make use of the Facebook marketplace, most importantly you will know what Facebook marketplace is.

Facebook marketplace is a place on Facebook that is very conducive and convenient where you can buy and sell to customers on Facebook through the Facebook site.

This is as a medium for you to locate your customers and be able to do some exchange, which is buying and selling. You can easily run business through this Facebook marketplace. But before you can do that you must be registered on Facebook.

How to Register On Facebook
If you want to register on Facebook and access the Facebook marketplace then you must read the steps that are stated below;
1. Access the internet, and go to www.facebook.com.
2. Then click on sign up or create a new account.
3. then you will be asked to fill in some data’s, which are your names, gender, phone number or email, your date of birth.
4. When you have filled it correctly, then click on sign up.
5. You will receive a message on your email or phone number with a code.
6. The code sent to you must be typed in the confirmation box, when done then click on continue.
These are the steps for you to take if you want to register on Facebook.

How to Login
Here is how to login on Facebook
1. Access your internet.
2. Then visit or go to the web www.facebook.com.
3. Also enter the email or phone number.
4. Then the password and tap on sign in or login.
5. Then you will access the Facebook account on Facebook.

How Long Do Products or Items Last On Marketplace
There are users on Facebook that want to know how long products last on Facebook marketplace when it has been put for sale.

Well, the products can last for as long as the seller leaves it or decides to not to remove it. When you put a product for sale for a week and it does not get bought you can decide to change the product by putting another product or item.

The Age for You to Use the Facebook Marketplace
Do you know you must be up to age before you can use the Facebook marketplace you must be up to 18 years old or older, only then you are allowed to buy or sell on the Facebook platform. But there are lots that don’t know about this on Facebook they think that the Facebook marketplace is available for all users below 18, well no is not.

How to Use the Facebook Marketplace
If you want to make use of the Facebook marketplace and you don’t know how, I suggest you should read the steps below;
1. Access the Facebook site.
2. Log in to your account on Facebook.
3. Then at the top of the Facebook page, you will see a store icon.
4. Click on the store icon.
5. Then add the images or photos of your products on sale.
6. Then enter the title of your product.
7. Also, add a short description of the product.
8. Then add a category for the product.

These are the steps for you to use the Facebook marketplace.

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