How To Access Facebook Buy and Sell Groups – Buying and Selling on Facebook Explained

As we have earlier promised, here is a concise guide on How To Access Facebook Buy and Sell Groups – Buying and Selling on Facebook Explained
This post is for Facebook business intending marketing folks and those that are already marketing their e-commerce business.
Here, you’ll see a concise tutorial on how to access Facebook buy and sell groups as well as the process involved in buying and selling on Facebook.
How To Access Facebook Buy and Sell Groups – Buying and Selling on Facebook Explained
Facebook Buy and Sell groups is a community of marketers who want to either buy products, items or goods, and it is also a community where different marketers go to sell their goods or products as the case may be.

There are hundreds of business groups you can join to start your business or vice versa. If you want to have access to the Facebook Buy and Sell groups, you must have a Facebook account profile.

Facebook is the largest multi-purpose platform on the internet today. Facebook serves as a social networking media, where registered users share, connect and communicate.

Also serves as a gaming site where you can find awesome games to play and it also has a marketplace where people can meet to buy or sell their products to the people who are interested in them.

Facebook groups feature lets individual to create and join as many Buy and Sell groups as they want on the platform.

Signing up for a Facebook Account
Signing up for an account the platform is very easy and free. You can sign up for a Facebook account when you are 13 years and above.

If you do not have an account and want to create one, follow the simple guidelines below;

1. Launch the Facebook mobile app if you have it downloaded on your device or proceed to their official web site at
2. Type in the names you want to use for the account, starting with your first name and then your surname. Hit on Next.
3. From the options displayed there, select your date of birth and hit next.
4. Type in your phone number or your email address that Facebook can use to contact you.
5. Choose your gender by hitting on female or male and tap on Sign up.

Once the account has been created successfully, Facebook will send you a confirmation email or text to verify the account. You can verify with email or code that will be sent to your mobile number.

How to Log in to Facebook
If you already have a Facebook profile, you can easily log in to the profile to access the Buy and Sell groups on Facebook. Follow the steps below to log in;

1. Open the mobile application or head on to
2. Type in the login details; your email address or mobile number and the password. Click on login to load the profile on the device.

If the login details are correct, the Facebook account will be loaded on the device and you any group you want on the platform. If you can’t the account password, you can reset it by clicking on Forget password.

Joining Facebook Buy and Sell Group
Joining groups on Facebook is very easy. Facebook also make group recommendations based on the pages or groups you have reacted to. There are lots of groups, so you can easily join anyone of your choice.

Follow the guides below join:

1. Login to your Facebook account homepage.
2. Tap on the Groups icon the page.
3. Once the groups’ page is loaded, you can from any Buy and Sell group there on the list or use the search field and type in the name of the group to find.
4. Hit open the group once you have seen your choice of group.
5. Tap on Join Group to send your group request.

Note: Most Facebook groups have questions; make to answer the questions before sending your request. Once you have been accepted in a group, Facebook will notify you.

Buying and Selling on Facebook Groups
Selling your items or products on Facebook is very easy; all you need to do is to post the item to the group. To sell on groups, follow the simple guides below:

1. From your home, locate Groups. Then scroll through the groups there to find the one you want to make a post to. Hit on the group.
2. Once the group has loaded, tap on the “Sell Something” option and fill in the details of the product you want to sell, Add the price of the product or item, provide the pick up or delivery details and add a little description of the item or product and tap on Post to publish it.

The post will be made available on the group once it has been approved by the admins of the group.

You can also easily buy a product that you are interested in the group. Open the group and scroll through to find the product or item and once you’ve seen it, hit on the comment box to communicate with the seller or send them a direct message.

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